There is a good chance that you have heard of hilarious and naughty street names and even names of businesses. However, who would think that actual cities or regions have naughty and downright funny names? Names that anyone can poke fun at. Believe it or not, there are plenty of places around the world that have names that will get your inner 12-year-old boy, whether you are male or female giggling. Let’s go over 10 of those hilarious names of places now!

1. Humptulips, Washington – The name of this city will make anyone giggle, but the origin of this name was derived from Native Americans which meant hard to pole. They must have had a difficult time parking their canoes so that is how this name came about!

2. Pee Pee Township, Ohio – Yes, this is a real township in Ohio. And the origin of this name was from the settler, Major Paul Paine who carved his initials on a tree in the area, PP to make his territory known, or rather, he marked his territory.

3. Middelfart, Denmark – Yes, this is a real city in Denmark, and this city was established in the 13th century and was named Melfar originally which means the little passage. The residents don’t think much of this name at all unless they are fluent in English! Even then they would likely not give it another thought.

4. Gobbler’s Knob, Pennsylvania – No one can deny that this name is hilarious! This hamlet is located literally right outside of Punxsutawney garners, which is loaded with tourists when it is Groundhog Day for obvious reasons. The origin of this name is speculated even to this day, but it is likely due to it being home to turkeys that gobbled the entire time!

5. Twatt, Scotland – This is not a complimentary name for anyone and any city. But there are two Scottish areas called Twatt, both in the Shetland Islands as well as the Orkney Islands. The name is originated from the Old Norse term for the small parcel of land. Too bad they could not find another variation to use!

6. Dildo, Canada – Yes, there is a small town in Newfoundland called Dildo, which was named in 1711, and the term literally means anything that is cylindrical. And that was the year that no one knew about that fun toy for ladies! But even after the fact, the name was never changed.

7. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales – How can you even pronounce that? In Wales, it is easy because this is a Welsh name. And it literally means Saint Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio of the red cave. Don’t even try to pronounce this name unless you are Welsh, you can just call it Lanfair to make life easier!

8. Anus, France – Yes, there really is a city called Anus in France, and it is in the Burgundy area. No one knows where the origin of the name came from, but it must be better than you would think. Major attractions such as the Clamecy Cathedral, the Auxerre Cathedral, Stade de l’Abbé-Deschamps, and the football club are around Anus in France.

9. Hell, Norway – When you go to Norway and you see a sign that ways Welcome to Hell, it literally means you are about to enter Hell. And, the city is anything but that since the residents love it there. The name originated from the Norwegian word, hellir, which means overhang or cliff cave. In the winter it may be literally as cold as hell, but other than that, it sounds like a fun place to live because again, the residents are happy there.

10. Dick Peaks, Antarctica – This is not a city, but it is the name of a mountain located in the southernmost continent. And if that is not hilarious enough, there is also a Mount Cocks, Nipple Peak, Mistake Peak, Queer Mountain, Mount Toogood, Executive Committee Range, and Mount Slaughter. No one knows how these names originated, but anyone who spends a long time near the South Pole needs to find ways to amuse themselves since there is literally nothing else do there. So why not come up with funny names to use for the mountains?

Now you know about the 10 funniest names of different places around the world! I hope you got a good chuckle today, especially if you have had a rough day! Laughter is good for the soul.