English is a funny language and it is understandable that even native speakers would have trouble speaking some words. This is why there are plenty of words that are mispronounced, and some of them are understandably mispronounced because they really are quite tricky to say. Let’s take a look at the 10 most mispronounced words that are used often enough in the English language:

1. Ask – The word ‘ask’ is often mispronounced as many people say it as AX. Remember when you are saying it, the S goes before the K, so it is ASK.

2. Espresso – Espresso is a bit of a difficult word to say, and therefore, many people have a hard time pronouncing this one well. This is why they often say EXpresso. Before saying the world, remember that the S goes before the P and there is no X in the word.

3. Acai – This is another one that is not easy to say. Oftentimes when people are naming this berry, they say ACKahee or ahSIGH. The way it is pronounced is Ah-sye-ee. That is the proper name for this berry.

4. Cache – It is understandable that people would say cash-ay when they are saying this word. They pronounce it that way when they are done with cleaning it up from their computers. That is not the right pronunciation of this word. It is cash, that is it, just like money, cache is pronounced as cash!

5. February – The name for this month is really hard to say so it is again, it is understood how it can be easily pronounced the wrong way. The way it is often pronounced is FebUary, however, don’t forget the R in the word. It is FebRUary, and pronounced as Feb-ROO-ary. It is not pronounced the same way as January as many people would immediately do so, especially when they are naming the months of the year.

6. Gif – Is it pronounced with a hard G like “gift,” or is it pronounced like the peanut butter, “Jif?” Well, that depends on who you ask. According to the New York Daily News, “The inventor of the graphic, Steve Wilhite, specifically used JIF peanut butter to name, pronounce and promote his creation, so many committed computer engineers stick to that pronunciation.” However, according to the website How to Really Pronounce GIF, “It’s pronounced with a hard G, ‘GIF,’ like ‘gift,'” because “It’s the most natural, logical way to pronounce it. That’s why when everyone comes across the word for the first time, they use a hard G.”

7. Niche – Many people see this word and immediately say NEESH. It looks like it would spell that way so it is understandable that it would. However, the way this word is pronounced is NITCH, like the word itch with an N in front of it. This is supported by Grammar Girl, who states, “We recommend you stick with ‘nitch.'”

8. Library – Think of February, it is the same kind of thing. Many people say LIBARY. However, there is that R in the word that cannot be forgotten so it is LibRary. The R goes after the B, and that is how to remember to pronounce it right.

9. Antarctica – This continent is not only known for its isolation and frigid temperatures, but it is also known to be the one that is mispronounced. People often say Antartica or Anardika. The T and the middle C are present when saying this word. People also mispronounce Arctic and say Artic instead.

10. Nuclear – This is another word that is mispronounced often, and many people say New-cue-ler. In fact, some historical presidents mispronounced this word. The proper way to say this word is New-clee-er. The L comes right after the C.

What is the takeaway? Before saying any of these words, speak slowly. What other words that are often mispronounced that you would like to add?