Life can be stressful and especially with the current situation, there is no denying that at all. However, the best thing to do is to indulge in a sense of humor in order to cope with the challenges the best way possible. And if that means indulging in some humor that is on the twisted side, well that is fine! Whatever helps you cope, that is great, as long as it does not involve giving in to substances.

Why not enjoy some twisted humor? We all know laughter is the best medicine, right?

So, let’s go over 15 twisted puns right now that will give you a chuckle!

1. There were two vultures that were boarding onto an airplane. They were carrying their meals, which were roadkill. That meant there were two roadkill meals that the vultures had. However, the flight attendant looked over to them and said, “I am very sorry but the rules are you are only to bring one carrion per passenger”.

2. Will glass coffins be a success? That remains to be seen!

3. The doctor went up to the casket who seemed to have had a cold and asked the casket if he had a sore throat or was sneezing. The casket answered back and said, “No, I am just coffin”.

4. Someone tried to sell me a coffin today and I said that is the last thing I’d need.

5. Why did Dracula end up lying in the coffin that was not his? He just simply made a grave mistake.

6. It is hard to understand how a cemetery can raise its funeral prices and end up blaming it on the cost of the living!

7. Twisted puns are so hilarious to the point that I am just coffin from laughing so much.

8. Why are graveyards so incredibly loud? That is because the occupants are constantly coffin.

9. Why are cemeteries so crowded nowadays? Everyone is literally dying to get in.

10. I am upset how my music gig did not do well at the graveyard and that was because the crowd was quite dead.

11. Why did the land developer decline taking on the brand new cemetery project? That is because it was a huge undertaking.

12. Why are workers around the graveyard so tired all of the time? Because they are the ones who are stuck having to work those graveyard shifts.

13. Why is it both a relief and offensive when a zombie walks by you? Because they are looking for brains.

14. What did one skeleton say to the other that was about to enjoy a delicious meal? Bone appetit.

15. Why are skeletons great at keeping secrets? They stay in the closet.

There you go! There is some twisted humor that you cannot help but laugh at. Go have a laugh and enjoy the rest of your day.