Avocados are delicious and go well in many dishes. Many people enjoy having some avocado on their morning toast and that is a smart breakfast idea. Additionally, avocados are great additions to any meal of the day. Let’s look at 5 benefits that you will reap from eating avocados right now:

1. Avocados Make You Smarter

The fact of the matter is that the fruit (yes, avocado is a fruit, and actually, it is a berry) has essential fatty acids that are great for your brain. It will help your memory, your ability to learn, and will keep your cognitive ability high. Now, if you eat an avocado a day it does not mean you will all of a sudden be the top of MENSA. But your brain function will be great!

2. Good For Your Heart

Another benefit from the fruit is that it has properties that will help keep your heart health in tip-top condition because it can keep cholesterol levels regulated. And high bad cholesterol is what can be the culprit to many heart ailments. If there is a history of heart disease in your family, then you will want to make sure that you keep eating those avocados.

3. Lowers Risk Of Depression

You already know that avocados are good for your brain. They are also good to keep your brain chemicals such as serotonin at reasonable levels so you will not be prone to depression. Imbalances of brain chemicals such as serotonin is a culprit to depression and other mental illnesses. But with this fruit being eaten on a regular basis, it will help keep the chemicals at a good level. However, if you do struggle with depression, you will need to be treated by your doctor. Avocados can, however, help boost things otherwise.

4. It Is High In Fiber

Avocado may be creamy but it has a lot of fiber which is good for your digestion and it is also good to keep you feeling full after eating it. Therefore, yes, it is higher in fat, but it also can help you with weight loss or weight maintenance because it keeps you full for a long time.

5. Good For Your Bones

Avocados can help prevent conditions such as osteoporosis because it has some excellent properties to keep your bones strong. It is also important to consume dairy to keep your bones healthy, but avocados are excellent as well.

Now you see the benefits that avocados have for you, and you will want to get one each day ideally so you can be in good health in the long term. However, there is something that dog owners should know. Avocados are good for people but they are not good for dogs and can make them very sick. Therefore, when you are enjoying your avocado sandwich, make sure that Fido does not get a sliver of it, because even a small amount is not good for them.