Mayonnaise tastes great on a burger, and it tastes amazing on many types of cold cuts. It is an important ingredient for salad dressings as well. And you probably associate mayo with cooking and making meals. However, you will have 5 other reasons that you will want to keep the white stuff in your fridge (only after it has been opened) or pantry. Let’s look at 5 ways that mayo can make your life easier!

1. Mayo Shines Up Your Faux Plant Leaves

Faux plant leaves attract so much dust that it is often going to be frustrating to you to clean them off with a wet paper towel or rag. Why not put a dab of mayo on it instead and wipe the leaves off? It will not just remove the dust but it will give it a beautiful shine like it had when you had first purchased the plant.

2. Sunburn Relief

Having a sunburn can be painful and it cannot always be prevented even after using sunblock. The good thing is that you can get instant relief from the pain that is associated with it by putting a layer of cool mayo from the fridge. And in no time, that pain from the sunburn will be relieved and you will feel so much better. Be sure to have an open jar of mayo in the fridge during the summer if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, or that your kids do. However, off-topic tidbit- be careful with how long you spend in the sun even with sunblock on. The UV rays can be quite damaging to your skin.

3. Head Lice Killer

One of the things that you would have dreaded as a parent is your kids end up contracting lice. If one classmate of theirs has it, then it could mean they are next. There are plenty of treatments for head lice but they are messy and inconvenient. Mayo can take care of the problem right there. All you need to do is put a layer of mayo into the scalp and rub it in. Put a shower cap on the head as it will need to stay overnight. In the morning, take the shower cap off and go and wash the hair up with shampoo. The hair will be free of lice!

4. Keeps Fingernails Strong

If your fingernails are brittle, then you can put them into a bowl of mayo and keep them in there for 5 minutes. After that, wash it off with warm water. The nutrients in the mayo will have seeped into the fingernails and it will nourish them and strengthen them.

5. Removes Leftover Sticker Residue

It is hard to get stickers off. And even when you do successfully get the sticker off, the residue does not loosen up easily. Rub some mayo onto the site where the residue is and allow it to sit there for about 5 minutes. And then it will dissolve the residue, and you can wash it off with a rag, and it will be gone!

Do you know of other hacks that can be used with mayo? if so, why not share them?