Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has been in the buzz for a long time and that is because there are so many benefits. Many people are apprehensive about taking CBD oil because it is from cannabis, a chemical found in marijuana plants. They fear they could get high and would not be able to function from taking it. However, what they don’t realize is that it is the THC in cannabis that is responsible for getting people high, not cannabis itself.

There is an extremely low amount of TCH in CBD oil that it will not have any effect on you at all when you take it. Even though CBD oil is legal in most places, it is best to check with your state or province as far as the laws go. However, there are many benefits of CBD oil and let’s talk about 5 right here.

1. Helps With Stress, Anxiety, And Depression Relief

CBD oil has been found to change the way the brain responds to the happy chemical, which is serotonin. Many mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are a result of the brain’s chemical imbalances which for the most part includes the brain’s receptors not responding properly to serotonin. However, CBD oil has been said to help the brain notice the happy chemical and allow it to do its job which is why this is a good remedy for anxiety and depression. It helps to lower stress as well.

2. Chronic Pain Relief

CBD oil has been known to help the brain manage pain levels properly and as a result, patients that face chronic pain oftentimes get relief from this remedy. Those who are living with conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and pain from MS find relief when taking CBD oil for pain management.

3. Nausea

Another good remedy for nausea is CBD oil as well as it helps correct the nausea center in the brain. This is useful for those who are going through chemotherapy as it eases the sickness. And oftentimes pregnant women who are suffering from debilitating sickness called Hyperemesis Gravidarum such as Kate Middleton and Amy Schumer did have taken it and have gotten relief.

4. Seizures

Those who have seizures disorders such as epilepsy have found that after taking CBD oil, the incidents of seizures have been reduced. That is not at all a surprise given that CBD oil has shown to be beneficial to the brain for many reasons. And even before this remedy became hot in the buzz, CBD oil was used for seizures as practitioners knew the benefits of it long before then.

5. Acne

Many sufferers of acne and other skin disorders have tried many products that have not helped them with getting clear and healthy skin. However, CBD oil has been known to help with inflammation reduction and improving the immune system which also helps ward off acne. This is likely why it is helpful.

However, if you are planning to try CBD oil, it is best again to check with the laws of your state or province in addition to talking to your doctor.