Manifesting is easy as long as you have constant reminders of it. It is easy to stop manifesting if you get caught up in something that is not helpful due to the effects of life. But, since most people are carrying their phones and gadgets around wherever they go, they can have access to the best apps around. And that is why if they knew of these excellent LOA apps, they could always be reminded to do their manifesting on the go and all of the time!

There are 5 fantastic LOA apps that anyone can download and utilize. The great thing about them as well is that they are free. Let’s take a look at these apps that will help you manifest the thing that you are after. They are available on both iOS and Google Play and are free but some have upgrades.

1. Think Up Positive Affirmation App

Are you tired of having to repeat your affirmations all of the time? With the Think Up Positive Affirmation App, you can record your affirmations and play them back. You can play it back when you are going about your daily business so they are imprinted in you which will only help change your beliefs for the better. You can also play music in the background with the app if you choose. There are also over 300 affirmations in 10 different categories of life.

2. Law Of Attraction Toolbox App

This is the best app in order to help keep your vibration high. The Law Of Attraction Toolbox App has different exercises, games, as well as other tools to help you attract the very thing you want to manifest. You may be limited as far as how many games as well as tools that you can use for free without upgrading. But you also have a 68-second timer which will help you manifest something small but great.

3. Law Of Attraction Library App

This app is great has it has over 50 books about LOA such as The Science Of Getting Rich, as well as The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. In addition, it has plenty of free audios. So if you are looking for great resources about LOA, then this is the right place to go!

4. Jack Canfield Vision Board App

You know that vision boards are a very important part of your manifesting power. This app lets you create a vision board on your phone so you are always focused on the very thing you are manifesting which will keep reminding you to take action. This also saves you from having to cut any magazines up or having to print pictures. They also have a large variety of images. You can also take an affirmation from their own library or record your own as well.

5. Hay House NOW App

If you enjoy listening to plenty of audios, then this app is a great one for you to download. There are many personal development audios, and you do get 5 free audios before needing to upgrade. However, for only $10 a month, you can get access to all of their lectures, audiobooks, videos, and courses. That is a great deal.

Now with these apps around, there is never a reason to stop manifesting what you are after.