Meditation has so many benefits and this is an exercise that everyone should get into the habit of practicing at least 15 minutes a day. That is because it can help the function of the brain in so many ways, let alone it helps to manage mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. However, the problem that people often run into is that they don’t know how to meditate, or where to meditate, and they say that their minds are so full that they don’t know if they can meditate.

Finding a place to meditate is easy. It can be in any room where it is free of distractions, where it can be darkened, and where you are the most comfortable. As far as knowing how to meditate, there are 5 excellent apps for meditation that everyone should look at – and decide the right one to use:

1. The Mindfulness App

This is a great app for those who are just starting out with meditation or for those who are experienced with it. It has guided meditations that last from 3 to 30 minutes of your choice. There are meditation options that can be personalized with this app as well. It also provides mindfulness reminders throughout the day. It can be downloaded on iOS or Google Play, and it is free with purchases within the app.

2. Calm

Calm is one of the best mediations on both iOS and Google Play. It provides you so many exercises for breathing in deeply, and it has exercises for kids as well. And famous actors such as Matthew McConaughey have been featured as doing the voiceovers for the meditation app. There are not just breathing exercises but there are waking meditations as well as calming exercises too. Kids really do love this app as well. It is free with purchases made within the app.

3. Sattva

Sattva is a different type of meditation app as it provides exercises based on Vedic culture and consists of chants, meditations, as well as mantras that are sent by Sanskrit scholars. Therefore, the length of the meditation is 6 minutes long and goals can be set with it as well. There is a journal that is tied to this app and that can be used to note down your thoughts and activities. This is free on iOS and Google Play with in-app purchases.

4. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is an app that provides meditations that are guided as there are plenty to choose from You can find the best ones that are the most fitting for your style and you can create your own. There are also discussion groups that you can get support from. It is free on Google Play and iOS with in-app purchases.

5. Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is an app that is used to help people regulate their emotions as it helps them understand how they are feeling. It can help with the management of anxiety and worry. It is free on Google Play and iOS with in-app purchases.

With these options, there is no reason to not make meditation a part of your daily routine since you will be guided!