The Enneagram is a model that indicates your personality and helps you understand your behaviors. In fact, it might just be one of the very best tools to help you work toward personal growth. The tool uses nine points that show nine different personality types. Do you know your Enneagram type? Take this quick Enneagram personality test and find out now.

What Are the Best Careers for Enneagram Type 1 – The Reformer?

One of the most practical ways to use your Enneagram type is to figure out the best career for you, if you haven’t found it yet – or if you’re looking for a change.

Based on your type and your personal preferences, you might just manage to find the career you didn’t even know you wanted.

The Enneagram Type 1 or The Reformer is prudent, meticulous, and right from wrong, analytical, problem-solving, and organized. The other name for this type is The Perfectionist. Given what we know about Type 1, it is not hard to imagine why that would be, right?

So, what are the five best careers for The Reformer?

Proofreader And Editor

The proofreader or editor’s job is to fix up the written content in essays, magazines, articles, online publications, and more. The Reformer has a natural eye for detail which makes it feel natural to want to correct punctuation mistakes, not to mention the grammatical structure of written material. The good news is that the demand for proofreaders and editors remains high, even with all of the various software editors out there.

Social Worker

The social worker’s role is to help people and families work with solutions to problems they face daily. Since The Reformer is all about creating order, the social worker’s role is to help generate an order for others. Social workers provide resources to people and families to help them, and those with the Enneagram Type 1 are known to be resourceful.


Since The Reformer is about helping to fix or treat problems, the doctor would be a good career idea for this type. That goes for any specialist or surgeon. A doctor examines the patient and their bloodwork and other tests to determine what ailments the patient is dealing with. Then, they’re tasked with finding the right treatment to help them become whole again – or as close to it as possible. A lab technician is another role that those with this type could do if they choose not to treat patients.

The Legal Field

Since The Reformer is all about what is right and wrong, it is not a surprise that they have a strong sense of justice. Therefore, it is easy to see how those with this Enneagram Type can go into the legal field. The type of law would go into isn’t relevant since the law is the law and nothing changes that. It takes hard work and years to go through law school to become a lawyer. However, other aspects of the legal field don’t require that, such as the training you receive to become a paralegal.

Accounting And Bookkeeping

The Enneagram Type 1 is a good one for accounting and bookkeeping and anything in the financial field. Those jobs require balancing, which is ideal for those with this type. It is not a surprise that those who have this type are very good when it comes to working with money. You can count on The Reformer to take care of money and to balance it well.

Those who have other personality types would not necessarily enjoy these jobs as much as The Reformer. Since The Reformer wants to create order and balance and is the type who wants to keep things organized and is analytical by nature, these are the best career options.