Did you know that you can use the Enneagram, the nine-pointed model that indicates your personality type teaches you about yourself and helps you understand your behaviors, to help you find the best career for you? Everyone is different, but there are also common traits that tie people together.

Use the Enneagram, the nine-pointed model that indicates your personality type, to find out what your common traits are, and how they might affect your career choice.

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Type 2 is the Helper

Can you guess which careers the Enneagram Type 2 personality is most successful in? First, let’s consider some of your traits. With a natural ability to help others, Type 2s can be found in careers that require a great deal of patience, nurturing, and the desire to help.

  • They like to take care of others, and they will be happy and successful in a career that allows them to do that.
  • This is one of the best ways to use this personality type.
  • They often find themselves working as nurses, teachers, or doctors. They can be found helping people in understaffed hospitals and clinics.
  • The reason is simple: you have the desire to help others, to attend to their needs and wants, and to be a good person.
  • Find out why this is the best job for you and how to get it.
  • It’s not just because of their propensity to be compassionate, understanding, and nurturing.
  • They are dedicated to making their partners and friends happy.

All true! So, let’s look at Enneagram Type 2, which is known as The Helper, or The Nurturer, or Caregiver. Type 2 is someone who will do anything to put the needs of others ahead of their own as they will go out of their way to help you. So, if you’re a Type 2, you’re definitely nurturing and caring, but you might struggle with your own self-care as you tend to forget to manage your own needs.

What are the best careers for Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper? 

What types of careers are best suited to The Helper? If you have the Enneagram 2 personality type, know that you belong to a noble group. You feel a constant need to help others, and you genuinely enjoy this. How do you know if a career path is right for you? Find out with this brief article which will reveal your top five best careers. These are the top 5 careers for people with Type 2 personalities.


It is not hard to imagine how nursing might the best role for those with the Enneagram Type 2 personality type. A nurse is meant to care for sick patients by administering medicines, changing bandages, and keeping them comfortable in any way manageable. A nurse’s role is a difficult one and requires you to be the nurturing type based on the level of care patients need.


Teachers dedicate their days to working with kids to teach them what they need to know to function in society. To be a teacher, you must have infinite patience – as kids are known to test the patience of even the most laidback people. Working with them all day means that at some point, the teacher will need to deal with anxious kids or ones that are purposely misbehaving. The truth is you have to have a passion for working with kids to become a teacher, and the patience and nurturing trait too. The same goes for being a child-care worker of any kind.


Those with the Enneagram Type 2 are ideal in a caregiving role. Caring for sick, elderly, or disabled people requires you to have a nurturing side to you, as those are often physically and emotionally demanding jobs. That means the caregiver must change, feed, bathe and spend time with these individuals. Those of other Enneagram types (except Type 6 and Type 9) would not be the best caregivers as they are not known to be as nurturing as Type 2.


Another career role for the Type 2 Enneagram that is ideal would be working as a therapist. Their compassionate nature would make them good therapists or psychotherapists as they would help their clients dig into significant emotional issues that they struggle with daily. That takes a lot of time, patience, and emotional strength to become a therapist.

Baking Or A Chef

Since food is nourishing, The Helper would make a great baker, cook, or chef. Working with food highlights an aspect of this personality type. Those with this type also appreciate how people enjoy indulging in a sweet tooth, and they may go into this role to help fulfill that for others too.

As you can see, those with the Enneagram Type 2 personality type would choose to go into careers that are nurturing in one way or another.

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