The Enneagram consists of a model that represents nine different personalities that everyone has. The model helps with growth, understanding, and learning about the individual’s likes and dislikes. The Enneagram can teach you about yourself in so many ways – including the best type of careers to consider, based on your type.

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Which careers are best for Enneagram Type 3 – The Achiever?

If you are the Enneagram Type 3 or the Achiever, you are the one who wants to be the best at what you do. You are highly competitive by nature, and the other name for this type is The Performer based on that.

Here are five ideal careers for people who are The Achiever.

Advertising Specialist

The Achiever wants everyone to notice their accomplishments, and they want to be seen as skilled in their area of expertise. They also want the same for other businesses (that do not compete with them, that is), so they can make excellent advertising specialists. They can sell advertising blocks to other companies and provide sales presentations for their clients.

SEO Specialist

Since The Achiever is highly competitive, they can be especially skilled at SEO. They can be very effective in using this skill to rank their websites at the top of the first page of search engines. SEO specialists help companies rank high on search engines.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager’s role is to make sure that they share influential and engaging content on social media platforms. The Achiever will know how to do that quite well, which is why they would make excellent social media managers. They will know how to create enticing content for their clients, which will potentially score them plenty of followers and business.


The Achiever can be quite motivating, and others tend to look up to them for inspiration. A coach helps to improve an area of someone’s life and can help them become the best version of themselves. A coach will not only help someone have the desire to improve their lives but to organize themselves. There are various fields in coaching, which range from life coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching, and so on. The Achiever would be great at any of these roles.


If you want to become an entrepreneur, you must be driven and be the go-getter type. You know you will face obstacles but won’t allow that to stop you from succeeding no matter what. If anyone has the best tools to become an entrepreneur based on their personality, it would be The Achiever.

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