The use of the Enneagram has gained a lot of attention over the past several years. The Enneagram consists of a nine-pointed model representing the nine personalities to help people learn about themselves. You can use it to understand your likes, dislikes, behaviors, and growth purposes.

One more helpful way you can use the Enneagram is to help them find the best career for their type. Find out your type by taking our online Enneagram test. 

What are the best career types for Enneagram Type 4 – The Individualist?

Right now, let’s talk about Enneagram Type 4, which is known as The Individualist, The Artist, or The Romantic. Those who have this type are highly sensitive, creative, unique, and march to their own drummer. They love the arts and let’s go over the best careers for the Enneagram Type 4 personality.


Any writing field that involves creativity of some sort is ideal for The Individualist. They can use writing to express themselves, and that even goes for writing for clients. It does not matter if the writing involves a nonfiction piece, a creative writing piece, or writing about facts. Through the work for their clients, they still find a way to create unique and engaging pieces, which is why this type makes a great writer.


Chefs can express their creative side when they prepare dishes so that The Individualist would enjoy this career. Since The Individualist is an introvert, for the most part, the idea of working away from others in the kitchen is also an appealing aspect of this career. Chefs can also make a lot of money.

Graphic Designer

You need to be highly creative to be a good graphic designer, and you also have to have marketable and technical strength. The Individualist is not known to be technical, but they can learn it, and they may like the idea of graphic design because it involves them expressing their creativity. Therefore, that alone can encourage them to learn the skills to become great graphic designers. The field is also quite lucrative.


Since those with the Enneagram Type 4 personality have a strong love for beauty, they can make excellent photographers. That is why they would become quite good at capturing beautiful pictures, and photography is an ideal career for them. Various types of photographers involve newborns, weddings, nature photography, to name a few. They can also sell their content to stock photography companies.


When it comes to the beauty industry, plenty of creativity is required, which is why The Individualist would be a good fit. Hairstyling is a great occupation ideal for Enneagram Type 4. A hairstylist would enjoy creating a variety of hairstyles for their clients, and they would also make great beauticians and manicurists as well.

Other ideal jobs for this Enneagram type would involve crafting, tarot or psychic reading, painting, sketching, music, or having side businesses involving their creative passions. However, those ideas would be unlikely to provide a main source of income.