If you want to learn more about yourself as a whole, your likes, dislikes, behaviors, preferences, and what you can do to grow, you might like to learn about the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a nine-pointed model representing nine personalities.

Today, we’re focusing on Enneagram Type 5, The Observer. Another name for this type is Investigator. The Investigator is known to be analytical, independent, withdrawn, innovative, and needs to learn. Type 5 is not known to be the social type.

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What are the best careers for Enneagram Type 5 – The Observer?

What kind of careers are best for those who have this personality? Let’s find out.

Web Design

To be a web designer, you must understand coding and design to create eye-catching websites and make sure they are functional. The Observer’s innovative ways are why this career is a great option for this Enneagram type. Not to mention, when you create a website, you need to do plenty of research on how to keep it running and how to keep it protected from hacks. The Observer is known to be a master in conducting research, and that is another reason that web design plays a great role.


There are several types of engineering roles which range from civil, aerospace, and agricultural. Either way, you have to be excellent at details and have an analytical nature to get into the engineering field. However, it is not an easy occupation as if you choose to get into this career, prepare yourself for many years of schooling and patience.

Game Design

You already know that The Observer would do well with web design, and the same applies to game design. The analytical nature can be why game design is a good option as you need to have excellent analytical skills to create animation, art and do the coding for the games. Testing out the games is essential for game designers so they can work through the bugs.


The Observer can be ideal as an inspector of buildings or homes. The Observer has an excellent eye for detail which is what you need to have the inspection job role. You need to make sure that the home or building is functional and does not have any flaws. The inspector will point out if a certain area requires replacing or fixing.

Software Developer

To be a software developer, you must not just have a perfect eye for detail, but you must have an innovative, persistent, and analytical side to your personality. That is what The Observer characterizes. You must know to code and have it mastered well and keep testing new software to work the bugs out, which the Enneagram Type 5 has the patience and knowledge to do.