If you want to learn more about your personality, and your behaviors,  the Enneagram is a great place to start. The Enneagram is a nine-pointed model representing nine different personality types.

If you have a hard time trusting others until you see a reason to trust them, and you’re also loyal and prefer to stay in your comfort zone, you could be Enneagram type 6   The Loyal Cynic or The Loyalist. This personality type is known to have a strong skeptical side rounded out with a sense of loyalty.

Learn more about the qualities of Enneagram Type 6, The Loyal Cynic.

What are the best careers for Enneagram type 6?

Given what we know about the qualities of someone with Enneagram type 6, the following careers can be ideal for them.

Security Guard

The Loyal Cynic wants to ensure that their loved ones and themselves are safe. Therefore, one of the best jobs for this Enneagram type is a security guard. When large events occur, a security guard is needed to keep those attending the events safe. When the cynic is healthy, this job can help fulfill their need to protect and guard people and to help keep them safe.

Police Officer

Not surprisingly, police work can also be also an ideal job for The Loyal Cynic. Those with this Enneagram type are the first to point out any wrongdoings of anyone. Police officers should be here to serve and protect the community. When they’re healthy emotionally and physically, someone with this personality type may find this line of work uplifting and empowering.


Like The Helper or Type 2, The Loyal Cynic is concerned with the well-being of others. That’s why many people who fall into Enneagram type 6 might also opt to go into nursing. It makes perfect sense since a nurse’s role is to make sure that their patient gets proper care. Their natural concern for keeping others safe combined with their concern for wellbeing means that anyone who is Enneagram type 6 can really flourish in this field.


Since the Loyal Cynic wants to make sure that someone in need of care is getting the proper treatment, caregiving is another possible career match. Many people who are Enneagram type 6 will enjoy working in nursing homes, group homes, or residents with elderly, sick, or disabled people. By nature, they love to provide help and care to those who need it most. Caregiving is a job that can help The Loyal Cynic feel needed and important. Plus, this type loves to help people find happiness, and this type of work can certainly help facilitate that.


You can imagine that The Loyal Cynic would have a soft spot for animals, so naturally, they’ll enjoy helping those animals get care they need. The Loyal Cynic could opt for the veterinary field because they would be ideal for providing the affection and attention needed.

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