One of the many reasons people look into the Enneagram is to study their personality growth while learning what career options are best suited for them. Career fulfillment is just as important as interpersonal happiness, and Enneagram offers insight into both. Today, let’s talk about Enneagram Type 7, The Enthusiast.

The Enthusiast is known for their optimism, with a need for a constant flow of excitement. This type is often on the move, with a bright perspective.

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What are the 5 Best Careers For Enneagram Type 7 – The Enthusiast?

Dance Instructor

A great way for The Enthusiast to stay busy and keep moving, is dancing! Dance instructors know how to keep their sessions flowing and fun. Being naturally enthusiastic about what they do, motivates their classes to move along with them.

School Gym Teacher

You may imagine that The Enthusiast would not have the patience to work with children. On the contrary, those with the Enneagram Type 7 would make excellent teachers as they could provide the right amount of enthusiasm for their students. Especially in a challenging activity such as physical education. Making sports motivating for the students, will leave you and them with memories for a life time.


The Enthusiast is known to be sociable, and extroverted. Bartending is a excellent job for those wanting a fast paced environment. The high social demand and constant moving of bartending can bring the enthusiast to life. This type also enjoys small talk, making their patrons and self have a wonderfully entertaining evening.

Travel Industry

The Enthusiast truly enjoys traveling. The constant flow of new places and excitement involved, it is no surprise to see them leaning into the travel industry. Their are many choices from tour guides, flight attendants, agents, or even travel bloggers. They would have plenty of energy and optimism for any traveling role.


Since those with this Enneagram type are naturally friendly and engaging, they would make excellent publicists. They can create a robust, positive brand and image for clients. Their personality blooming while organizing press events. Publicists pitch to various media outlets, someone who has this Enneagram type could excel due to having the patience and enthusiasm to do so.

When it comes to finding the best jobs for your Enneagram type, it is important to find happiness or else you may not have the motivation and enthusiasm to stick with your career of your choice.