Are you a leader that craves independence? Are you the type of person who doesn’t take BS from anyone? If so, there is a chance that you are the Enneagram type 8 or the Challenger. No one gets in your way! You’re great at motivating people, and you are confident and strong.

What are the best careers for Enneagram type 8 – the Challenger? 

If you are wondering what are the best career options for you, let’s talk about five of them that could be ideal.


You are a natural leader, so establishing a business would be fitting to your personality. Anyone can become an entrepreneur. However, the Type 3 and Type 8s would be the best suited to the obstacles an entrepreneur may face. You know what you want, and you know your objectives when it comes to establishing a business, you are independent and strong-willed, so this is a great fit.

Financial Advisor

Money is power, and The Challenger enjoys being in charge. One way to be in charge is to manage money, and help people make the best of their investments. Being a financial advisor is one of the best career options for those with this Enneagram type.  Knowing the best areas for clients to invest their money and advising them to do so, can bring satisfaction to The Challenger.

Sales Representative

Type 8 knows how to sell, and they enjoy it. That is because The Challenger is bold and doesn’t fear rejection. If a potential client tells the Challenger ‘no,’ they can move on and go to the next potential client. Enticed by the possible yes, this job brings they are confident enough to know they will succeed with their sales pitches somewhere!

Program Manager

A program manager is someone who manages and controls programs, this includes coordinating and supervising programs. The other role of a program manager is to meet company goals. This career role takes a lot of patience, balance, energy, and leadership to be successful. This is why the challenger would skyrocket at this demanding career.


Being a lawyer requires many years of law school, and in general, there are way too many “bad lawyer jokes” – as in, people who work as lawyers might automatically be seen as dishonest, sneaky or difficult. This makes for great challenges, you have to have strength and confidence to even think of going into the legal field. A lawyer must help their clients navigate through the complex legal system and represent them in court. This is definitely far from an easy task, but a wonderful career for someone who is up for the challenge.

If you know your Enneagram type, it can help to look toward a career that matches your personality type to help ensure interpersonal happiness in the long term.

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