Are you a problem solver with a knack for solving mysteries? Do you love finding out the truth and enjoy delving into the taboo? If so, then you have a heavy Scorpio influence in your personal horoscope. You may have your Sun, Moon sign, or rising sign in Scorpio. What career would be an ideal fit for Scorpio’s fiery personality? Let’s go over five of them now.

What are the best careers for Scorpio?


Many people struggle with mental health issues,  the Scorpio’s relentless drive to solve problems would be an asset to any psychological field. Since you’re known for getting to the root of problems, this field of work could become a lifelong passion. A psychologist talks with the client and digs deep into their psyche. This helps them work through their issues by providing suggestions and listening.


You are not afraid of death, with no problem when it comes to preparing the deceased for a funeral. From embalming to dressing and makeup, this macabre career would be an excellent fit for the Scorpio. You would need to undergo extensive training to become a mortician. This is one option for someone with heavy Scorpio influences. However, if you have Libra influences, you could also be a funerary makeup artist.

Fertility Specialist

Scorpios represent fertility. Being a fertility specialist could be a good career option for Scorpio. With their love for life and the mystery of it, this career field is a phenomenal option. Reproduction is beautiful. A career in this medical field can allow you to learn more about yourself and others on a more physical level. Appealing to the Scorpio’s sex interest and delving into mysteries to help uncover them.

Sex Therapist

Sex can be sensual, beautiful, and powerful if the participants allow it. No one would be more comfortable providing solutions to sexual problems other than a Scorpio. You would not be embarrassed while talking about taboo topics such as sex because you have no reason to find it taboo. You know that sex is a part of life and can be a beautiful way to connect deeply to someone you love. However, couples can have problems in this area of their relationship. Therefore, they need to consult with someone who can help them.

Private Investigator

As you know, Scorpios are masters at unraveling mysteries. That is why they would make excellent private investigators. However, with your deep lust for the unsolved and obsessive passion for the truth, you could easily expand in a PI field. Cracking cases and finding justice are just some of the many benefits of this career field. The forte of the Scorpio is to discover the truth and solve the unknown.

Do you feel that these career options are a good fit for Scorpio? If you have other suggestions, please share them!