What have you done with your kitchen sponges other than using it to clean pots and pans and other things that are relevant to the kitchen? You likely have not done anything with them because you may not be aware of other clever uses your kitchen sponges. Let’s now get creative and learn about 5 clever things you can do with your ordinary kitchen sponges.

1. Ice Pack

Do you have swelling or bruising on an area of your body? Then you can make a simple ice pack by putting a sponge inside of a sandwich bag. Wrap it up in there and place it in the freezer until it is rock hard and freezing. You can place the ice pack on your affected area with a towel over it.

2. Odor Absorber In The Fridge

Are you tired of your fridge giving off odors that are far from pleasant? There is a way to solve that issue, and it is an easy way. You can take a damp but not wet sponge and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Then put it in your fridge. It will absorb the odors quite fast. And you can leave the sponge in there for a while as well. You will know when it is time to have it replaced if there are odors in the fridge again.

3. Clean Out Narrow Containers And Vases

It is hard to get narrow parts of the vase or certain types of containers cleaned. You can shake it with soap and water but there is no guarantee that the entire vase or container would be clean. There is a simple solution. Take a chopstick and some tape. Put a sponge on the bottom of the chopstick and tape it up. Then you can clean the narrow area with it easily and it will take off residue.

4. Keep Your Knees Protected While Cleaning Or Gardening

If you are gardening or cleaning and having to bend on your knees, the hard surface will irritate your knees. Why not put sponges on your knees when you are bending down? That will make your job more comfortable and keep your knees protected as well.

5. Bottom Of Furniture Legs

Your furniture legs can cause scratches on the hardwood floor if you are moving them around. If you have to move them around, then what you will want to do is put pieces of a kitchen sponge on the bottom of the legs to prevent any scratches from happening while you move the furniture around.

Now that you know of 5 clever uses you can use for kitchen sponges, you now have 5 new ways of making your life even easier. Get plenty of sponges the next time you are grocery shopping!