If you don’t have young kids around, or if you are not a crafter, you may not have white glue in your home. However, if either or both apply to you, then you likely would have white glue. And, you will want to make sure you get more of that stuff because it can serve you in ways that you may not even realize. And, if you don’t have any white glue, then you will want to go and grab some.

White glue can do a lot more for you than just helping you or your kids create and build a craft. There are 5 ways that white glue can make your life easier, and let’s talk about those now.

1. A Splinter Remover

Splinters are no fun. And if you are in contact with old wood, then you have a high chance of ending up with a painful splinter. A piece of that wood breaking off can become lodged into your skin. And tweezers cannot always take care of the problem easily. So why not put some white glue over the splinter, and let it dry. Then once it is dried, pull it off, and the splinter will come right out.

2. Fills In Nail Holes

if you have taken a picture down from the wall, it would have left a hole in the wall from the screw. It can make the room stand out. However, there is a simple solution to this. Fill the screw with white glue, let it dry, and paint over it the same color paint that you used for the wall. No one will see that there was ever a nail hole in it.

3. Stops Fraying Of Laces, Threads, Or Ropes

If the ends of your shoelaces are fraying, you can put some glue at the end of the tips to tighten it and it will no longer fray. White glue is also helpful for preventing the thread from fraying that you are using to sew. This way, you will not struggle with putting it through the eye of the needle.

4. It Can Be A Blackhead Remover

If you don’t have pore strips, then white glue can take care of that job. Put some white glue on the T-zone on your face where blackheads are likely to end up. Let it dry, and then once it is dried, peel it away. That will clear it up.

5. First Aid

If you end up with a small cut such as a papercut, not only does it hurt a lot but it can bleed quite a bit. If you don’t have a bandage nearby, then you can put glue on it and it will have the same effect as a bandage. It will prevent dirt from going in and it will help reduce the pain. After it is healing, then you can take it off and clean it up correctly.

Now you see that white glue is not only used for arts and crafts. Make sure you have some in stock.