And you thought toothpaste was used for brushing your teeth. Well, that is true. However, you’d be happy to know that the stuff that is keeping your teeth and gums cleaned has so many other great uses! You will be amazed to know how much easier your life can be made just by a little bit of toothpaste. Are you ready to learn about the 5 cool uses of toothpaste that you likely did not know about? Let’s go.

1. Cleans Up Your Sneakers

Your sneakers will easily get scuffed up and dirty as it is always in contact with the ground. And you know how dirty the ground is. When you are in public places, the same applies due to the fact that others are tracking in a lot of dirt. All you need to do is take a cloth, put some toothpaste on it, and rub your sneakers. They will be very clean after.

2. Stops The Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

Every time you take a bath or a shower, the mirror fogs up by the steam. In order to prevent that from happening, it is so easy. Take non-gel toothpaste and wipe it in the mirror before you take your bath or shower. Then take a clean cloth and wipe it off. Then after your shower or bath, you will see that the mirror will not fog up.

3. Relieves Pains From Burns

if you accidentally touched the stove while cooking, that hurts. The first thing to do in order to help your skin heal fast and to prevent a blister is to put your affected area under cold water. Then put some toothpaste on, and it will provide a soothing and cooling feeling. Therefore, it will help your skin heal even faster. It works for sunburns as well.

4. it Is An Odor Eater

Ae you cooking foods that have pungent odors such as fish, garlic, or onions? Then your hands will be left with a strong odor. In fact, these smells linger on for a long time because they permeate through your skin. What you need to do in order to eliminate the smells is by washing your fingers with toothpaste and that will take care of it.

5. Removes Gum From Hair

It is easy to accidentally put gum into your hair if you have long hair (or if you have a young daughter, that can be the case for her). Before cutting off a large piece of your hair, put some toothpaste on the affected area. Yes, it will be quite messy when you do that. However, the properties in the toothpaste will break down the components and will remove the gum from the hair. It is worth the mess. Just take a shower after it does its job.


Do you know of other useful hacks that involve toothpaste? If so, please share them.