“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.” ~Barbara Hemphill

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the day-to-day responsibilities you have, and you may feel that you will not be able to get anything done if you feel you have too much on your plate. Regardless of what you are dealing with in life, there are simple ways that you can simplify your life on a day to day basis which will help you stay organized and keep you confident in being able to tackle the day.

5 Easy Organizational Tips To Simplify Your Day

Let’s look at 5 easy ways to organize yourself so you can simplify your life:

1. Buy A Crockpot

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of having to cook each night because it will take a lot of time to do so? And at the same time, you don’t want to get into the habit of getting takeout or readymade meals. Those are not overly nutritious and are oftentimes high in calories. The simple solution is to get a crockpot. All you need to do is have your dinner set in the fridge the night before, and marinate if you would like whether it is chicken, beef, pork, in addition to vegetables and potatoes. There is no need to cut anything. Wash it up and throw it in the crockpot, then set, and forget. By the time it is dinner time, your food will be ready!

2. A Capsule Wardrobe Saves Time

Are you finding that you are spending too much time in the morning not knowing what to wear? Then create a capsule wardrobe that consists of the clothes you prefer to wear. It saves you a lot of time shopping and will also save you money. This way getting dressed in the morning will not take much time at all.

3. Create A To-Do List Right Before You Go To Bed Each Night

When you are planning the next day, you will want to prioritize what is important to you. What is important to accomplish the next day? Only focus on 3 to 5 things to do and the rest that can wait, don’t even attempt them on the same day unless you find yourself having extra time. If you know what you need to do in a day, then you will not feel overwhelmed. (We also love a good bullet journal!)

4. Make your Lunch For Work The Night Before

Don’t wait until the morning to make your lunch as that will make you feel rushed. Do so the night before. This way, you will have your lunch packed in the fridge and ready to go when you are heading to work.

5. Keep Vinegar In Your Kitchen

Vinegar has so many purposes and cleaning is a big one. If you spill something on your clothes or carpeting, then you can use vinegar mixed with warm water to clean it up quickly. This is a must-have for parents with young kids or for those with pets.

Those tips alone should help you simplify your days.

Your Turn!

What helps you stay organized on a day to day basis? What are your best organizational tips? Help us share them with the Shine Buzz community by sharing them in the comments section, below!