“I wrote myself a check for $10,000,000 for acting services rendered. I gave myself 3 years and I dated it Thanksgiving 1995. But then, just before Thanksgiving 1995, I found out I was going to make $10,000,000 on Dumb and Dumber.” ~Jim Carrey

Many people assume the law of attraction is just a bunch of new-age woo woo that is touted by wishy-washy wannabes. And while I’m personally well aware that this isn’t the case, thanks to my own experiences with manifesting the life I want, it never hurts to have confirmation from someone you know has risen from the ashes and made something of him or herself. And there’s a chance that you don’t (yet) know me!

That’s exactly why I’m launching this brand-new series to help share the law of attraction stories of people who are famously successful and how the law of attraction brought them there.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

During a 1976 interview, an interviewer asked Schwarzenegger what he’d planned to do “now that he’d retired from bodybuilding.”

At the time, the not-yet-famous Austrian reportedly didn’t bat an eyelash as he told the reporter: “I am going to be the number-one box-office star in all of Hollywood.”

“With that heavy accent and apparent lack of acting talent?” the reporter probably thought as he worked to regain his composure.

But finally, he asked the million-dollar question: he wanted to know exactly how Schwarzenegger planned to make his movie career happen.

“It’s the same process I used in bodybuilding,” Schwarzenegger told him calmly. “What you do is create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that picture as if it were already true.”


Megastar Beyoncé has publically revealed exactly how she, who claims to be a bit of an introvert, manages to perform so fearlessly and flawlessly: with an alter-ego called Sasha Fierce, which she developed specifically for this purpose.

In an October 2008 press release, Beyoncé explained her reasons for this move.

“I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am,” she wrote.

You may know that “alter ego” means “other self” or “second self.”

This is just one example of how you can “act as if” what you want has already happened – by creating an “alter ego” that has already received whatever it is you’re manifesting.

It’s getting yourself in the right space so that your energy matches your desire – just one of many ways you can use intentional vibration management to your advantage.

Bob Proctor

High-school dropout Bob Proctor found himself jumping from crappy job to crappy job, wondering if he’d ever find success. One day, a friend gave him a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This is where he first came into contact with the law of attraction, and it is where his success began.

Before long, he’d started his own company (where he offered office cleaning services) and earned more than $100,000 in that first year. That was the first company (of several in his life) that he’d successfully start.

Today, he’s known for having been a world-renowned speaker, motivational coach and the author of many bestselling books. He also appeared in The Secret law of attraction movie and was quoted in The Secret book.


Conor McGregor

McGregor had a meteoric rise to fame as a UFC fighter, despite being Irish and claiming to have no professional experience. He has broken financial records for the UFC and today is nearly a household name all over the world.

He’s also a well-known advocate of the law of attraction, which he credits for his success. He uses visualization to get what he wants.

“If you have a clear picture in your head that something is going to happen and a clear belief that it will happen no matter what then nothing can stop it,” McGregor has said. “It is destined to happen. It’s perfect.”

“This is the law of attraction, McGregor said before explaining his process for manifesting what he wants. “In this struggle, when things are going good and you visualize good things happening, that’s easy. What’s not easy is to do is when things are going bad and you’re visualizing the good stuff. And that’s what I was able to do. Visualizing good things in times of struggle, when you can do that, that really makes the law of attraction work.”

Denzel Washington

Washington, a hugely popular actor, director, and producer, has often spoken about his use of the Law of Attraction.

Washington makes it clear that he believes we attract things with our minds.

He adds that regardless of what we’re feeling or thinking – whether positive or negative – our thoughts and feelings (aka our vibrations) attract everything in our lives.

“Positively and negatively, you attract what you feel, you attract who you are, you attract what you attract,” Washington has said, implying that intentional vibration management may be the key to his own success.