You are always wondering how you can attract wealth as you know that you have to be in a certain mindset to do so. You know that if you focus on lack, then you will keep ending up in debt and struggling to make money. That is just one example of how the Law Of Attraction works when it comes to money. Therefore you know that having an abundance mindset will only help you attract abundance.

And, there are other ways to help you attract wealth through Feng Shui. You might already know of some Feng Shui tips to help you attract abundance. You also know that investing in a wealth vase and a fish aquarium will help as well. Let’s look at other items to have in your home so you can attract the abundance you deserve.

5 Feng Shui Items to Increase Your Wealth

1. Pyrite

Pyrite (also known as fool’s gold) is a potent stone and has been used for many centuries to help bring wealth. It gives off abundant energies that have been useful. You can get the stone in any shape or form whether it is a sphere, or a cube, or in a cluster form. Place it on your office desk or anywhere in your office or home office that you prefer.

2. Money Tree

Unfortunately, it is true that money does not grow on trees. However, you can always grab a tree that is meant to help bring energies of abundance into your space. That is the money tree. And any plant that is healthy can be used for this purpose. However, the common types that are used are the Pachira Aquatica or the Crassula Ovata plants.

3. Dragon Turtle

Dragon turtles are creatures that are mythical and are classic Feng Shui remedies for bringing in abundance and wealth. The statue has a head that is shaped like a dragon and the body is shaped like a turtle. It is usually standing on a pile of coins and has one in the mouth. This is another idea to help bring in some money.

4. Laughing Buddha

For a long time, the Laughing Buddha statue has been placed in many homes to help bring in abundance as well. It is also known to bring in good health and happiness as well. This statue can be placed anywhere in the home, wherever it is the most fitting based on the decor.

5. Gem Tree

This is one of the most popular Feng Shui trees out there. Gem trees might feature a number of different gems and stones, including things like coral, citrine, Amythest, pearls, and agate crystals. Those help to bring in wealth as well. Citrine especially is the gem that is the most associated with wealth.

You can grab most of these Feng Shui items Amazon. Be sure to follow the tips included in the directions, too.