Have you been feeling a little cloudy and foggy lately? Feeling like you can’t be creative and you’re not getting anything done? Perhaps you’re suffering from writer’s block, or you’re not being as productive as usual. You are not alone. Sometimes anyone can come up with blanks when they are looking to create something. That is why for those who are facing this issue will want to eat the 5 following foods that will help boost creativity.

1. Bananas

Bananas have gotten a bad rap because of the fact that they are a fruit that is high in sugar. Even though that is true, bananas have many excellent benefits as well. They contain important nutrients for your body and brain such as potassium which will help boost your creativity as well. A great breakfast idea should include a banana so you can be productive at work, or you can bring a banana along with you at work to have an excellent creativity-boosting snack.

2. Eggs

Eggs are a great food to keep you full and healthy as they are loaded with fantastic nutrients and vitamins. And one of the nutrients that eggs have is choline which is a chemical that helps increase and improve brainpower. Therefore, this food will most definitely help with creativity. Therefore, you can have an egg for breakfast and a banana, or have a few eggs and bring a banana to work. That is up to you!

3. Nuts

Here is another snack that can easily help your brain function. Nuts are another food that gets a bad rap because of the fact that they are quite fattening. Yes, nuts do have a high-fat content. However, they are also loaded with important nutrients as well that you need to stay strong, and as a result, they keep you full so you will end up eating less. The fats that are in nuts are essential acids that are important for your brain and as a result, will help boost your overall creativity. Another bonus is that eating nuts will keep your brain strong from brain deterioration as you age.

4. Dark Chocolate

It is an absolute dream for many people to hear that chocolate is brain food. However, it has to be the right type of chocolate, specifically, dark chocolate with 70% cacao in its composition. Milk chocolate is full of sugar and other additives and defeats the purpose of powering up your brain. That is why you want to stick to dark chocolate which is full of healthy nutrients such as flavanols which are good for your blood pressure as well as your brain!

5. Salmon

Salmon is full of important fatty acids that are excellent for your brain and keeps it functioning very well. It is also full of other important nutrients that will keep you healthy and strong, and it is a great source of protein. Therefore, you can enjoy salmon for dinner, while you have some dark chocolate for an evening snack to keep you full and strong.

Do you know of other healthy foods that are excellent for boosting creativity as well?