Many people think exercise is a dirty word. It’s hard work and plain boring. I mean, it is true that the idea of walking on the treadmill for a half-hour sounds like a chore. But who says you have to exercise by just walking on the treadmill? If you make it fun, then you will not think of being active as exercise and it will be a lot more enjoyable. Let’s look at 5 fun ways you can get active and burn those calories without you realizing it.

1. Dancing

Dancing is fun! You can dance any way you like or you can always join a dance class if you want. That part is optional. But dancing gets you up and moving around which is the idea. Turn up your favorite music from the 80s or 90s and dance away to it. It will feel like fun and not exercise.

2. Roughhousing With Your Kids Or Dogs

Roughhousing can be fun for the kids or for the dogs. It gets them active as well as they need to burn off pent up energy. Why not make a habit of doing that? Just be careful though as it is very easy to get overly carried away with it. If your kids are older and are physically strong, then you can get somewhat carried away. However, if they are small and under 10 years of age, then you will want to be careful, and the same goes for your dogs even if they are larger.

3. Play Tag With The Kids Or Fetch With The Dog

If your kids are under 10 years of age or are at that phase developmentally even if they are older, then they will enjoy a game of tag which gets them running around. That will get you running around as well. Make it a daily habit so you and they are getting exercise. Additionally, if you have a dog, you can always play fetch. Throw the dog a stick or a frisbee that the pooch can catch and bring back to you so you can rinse and repeat.

4. Get Fidgety

It gets pretty boring if you are sitting stationary working at the computer all day. Why not take some moments to fidget around. If you do that every 10 minutes or so, you could end up burning a lot of calories. Spin yourself on the chair (just don’t do it to the point of getting sick), tap your feet, snap your fingers, that all ends up adding up the more you do it.

5. Do Active Role Playing

Who says only kids need to use their imaginations? Why not pretend you are a character from your favorite TV show or movie and get up and get active and creative. You can always do that in private so you are not watched by someone who will easily misunderstand you!

Now you know how to make exercise fun without having to even put the treadmill in the picture!