You just had a baby! Congratulations! You are likely overwhelmed, especially if it is your first baby because you don’t know where to start. The good news is, even though you are now responsible for another life for 24/7, there are some useful hacks to make the newborn phase a little easier for you. And, by utilizing the hacks listed below, your life will be made so much easier for the most part. Let’s take a look at 5 of the genius newborn hacks that all new parents must utilize right now:

  1. Put The New Diaper Underneath The Dirty One During A Change – The last thing you would want to see happen is having to waste a brand new diaper because of the fact that it got dirty during the change. What you will want to do is put a new diaper underneath the one that you are changing so it stays clean. Be sure to only remove the dirty diaper after you have completely wiped your baby’s bottom, and then place the new one on. And, if you have a boy, you will want to keep that old diaper covering that area so you don’t end up with a surprised squirt.
  2. Apply Diaper Cream With A Makeup Brush – There is no need to get your hands dirty while putting diaper cream on your baby’s bottom. You can use a makeup brush to ‘paint’ the cream on your baby’s bottom instead. If you plan to use an old makeup brush to do this job, you will want to make sure it is washed and sterilized.
  3. Use Old Rags As Burp Cloths – There is no need to spend money on burp cloths because old rags and old clothing will do the job just fine. Just be sure to have a lot on hand in order to stay clean, and always keep one over your shoulder when you are holding your baby. That is because your baby will spit up at very unpredictable times.
  4. A Pacifier Will Help Get The Medicine Go Down – If your baby needs medicine, that can become an ordeal because of the fact that the infant will be resistant. However, what you can easily do is cut a hole into the pacifier nipple, and give that to your baby to suck. Then you can insert the syringe into the hole in the pacifier and the medicine will go right through, and your infant will not notice!
  5. Keep A Baby-Changing Station On Each Level Of Your Home – This hack only applies if you live in a home with at least 2 levels. Instead of having to run up the stairs to change your baby in the nursery, you will want to have a changing station on each level. That means to have a portable change pad as well as a diaper bin on each level, as well as keeping new diapers on hand as well.

And, by utilizing these 5 newborn hacks, your life will be made a lot easier while caring for your baby. You will need that energy that you are saving by taking advantage of these tips for caring for your baby and for yourself! Good luck with the brand new parenting journey which you will rock!