People think that they have to spend an arm and a leg to get a security system for their homes. And if you are also one who thinks that keeping your home is secure is expensive, you will be happy to know that keeping your home safe does not have to be expensive. Yes, security alarms can be costly with the monthly fees, but they are worth it. However, if you are looking to keep a budget and find other ways to keep your home safe- then you will want to know of these 5 easy and inexpensive (or free) ways to secure your home.

1. Get Security Alarm Stickers And Place It On Your Front And Back Windows

The first thing that burglars look for when they are looking to break into a house or building is if there are security alarm stickers. You can take some stickers even if you don’t have an alarm and place it on your windows that are near an entrance to your home. That alone will scare anyone who wants to break into your home away.

2. Keep All Valuables Out Of Sight

This one is really one that involves common sense. Do not put any valuables in a place that can be seen through any of your windows. This will be a motivating factor for burglars to break in and you really want to be kept safe. Therefore, put any valuables that you have in a closet instead and keep it closed.

3. Upgrade Your Locks

Upgrading your locks is something that all homeowners have to do every now and then. Locks can wear down and not be of the same quality as they were when you had them first installed. Having your locks upgraded is not expensive to do, and you don’t have to go for the deluxe lock. However, make sure that you have a lock that is of good quality and will do the job of keeping your locks and homes secure.

4. Replace Front Or Back Doors

This tip may be more costly but it is necessary and will be cheaper in the long run than paying for a monthly security system subscription. Have your entrance doors replaced if they are beginning to become flimsy. Doors that have hardwood that encases steel cannot be kicked down. That is the best type of door to get that will repel burglars when you are replacing your doors.

5. Reinforce Windows

If burglars are not able to unlock or break into doors, they will look for windows that can be easily opened to climb through. You will want to make sure that your windows are reinforced and locked up, and cannot be pulled lower than an inch. That is more than enough space to bring in the fresh air.

And do not forget to lock your doors and keep your windows closed when you leave your home. That alone will keep any potential burglar away. Stay safe!