“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” ~Milton Berle

Moms get a bad rap sometimes, but who among us can say we didn’t have a favorite TV mom? After all, classic television shows are always fondly remembered and many networks show reruns of your favorite shows. And many characters from numerous television classics from the past stand out, especially when it comes to TV moms. Who was YOUR favorite?

Our picks for top 5 iconic TV moms

We admit to being a bit partial, but here are our favorites! Let’s go over them right now:

1. Wilma Flintstone of The Flintstones

When you remember the opening from The Flintstones, the show in the 60s took place during the caveman era, you remember how Wilma throws her caveman husband Fred out of the house…and then he is knocking on the door yelling, “Wilma!”  Wilma was a strong-willed mom to Pebbles that had a good head on her shoulders. Even though she often judged Fred’s bad decisions, she still always found a way to bail him out of bad situations that he had gotten himself into.

2. Maggie Seaver of Growing Pains

Maggie Seaver played by Joanna Kerns was that mom in the show from the 80s, Growing Pains. She had four kids and was married to a psychiatrist that was played by the late Alan Thicke. She was a working mom (a journalist) and always had a lot on her plate, but managed to remain organized and always did the best she could.

3. Marge Simpson of The Simpsons

Marge Simpson of The Simpsons is most definitely one of those stereotypical TV moms as she is the wife to Homer and has three children. Marge seems to do her best with the chaos she deals with at home but even this fictional character can be quite anxious. It is seen by looking at her expressions that she exhibits on the show. With three kids and a husband that has a carefree attitude, it is no wonder she is anxious! Many moms relate to this character.

4. June Cleaver – Leave It To Beaver

June Cleaver played by the late Barbara Billingsley in the 50s show Leave It To Beaver was married to Ward and had two sons with him. She played the stereotypical 1950s mom that was a housewife, cooking delicious meals, cleaned the house, raised the boys while her husband was at work. That was quite normal back in the 50s as women stayed home with their kids and managed the home while their husbands worked and brought in the income.

However, times have most definitely changed as a result of inflation as more often than not, both parents work and that also means both split the housework as well.

5. Carol Brady – The Brady Bunch

Carol Brady played by the late Florence Henderson in the 1970s show, The Brady Bunch was married twice with three daughters she had in a previous marriage and ended up with three stepsons in the new marriage. She did as she could to juggle the needs of her daughters and stepsons and did what she could to manage as well as she could in a chaotic home! Many moms nowadays can relate to this character quite well.

Your turn: Do you know of other iconic moms from TV that you would like to add to this list? Share them in the comments section below!