Everyone has heard all of the buzz about why green tea is so good for you, and it tastes quite pleasant. However, how does the drink exactly help? Let’s go over 5 of the ways that the drink can be quite helpful to you.

5 Powerful Benefits Of Green Tea

1. It’s Good For Your Brain

Green tea is a smart drink. It contains low doses of caffeine and as well as L-theanine which are actually quite good for your brain as they set off neurotransmitters that help improve brain function. That means if you are working at mastering a skill or you are at school working on getting good grades and learning something to retain it, you will want to have a cup of green tea each morning. And really, even if neither of those things is happening you will want to drink the smart drink as it will help you function daily!

2. It Is A Powerful Fat Burner

You may have heard that green tea can help you burn fat and it is a must-have if you are on a weight loss regimen (or for even maintaining). There are properties in the drink that will help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism. And when it comes to weight loss supplements (which requires a visit to your doctor if you plan on taking them), green tea is an ingredient. However, there are other ingredients in the supplements that you may not be aware of which is why you need to see your doctor.

3. May Be A Cancer Preventative

Green tea is full of antioxidants and those types that it contains has been shown to reduce the chances of cancer drastically. The types of cancers specifically that green tea can help ward off are colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer. However, at the same time, more studies have to be conducted to determine how drastically it can reduce the risks.

4. It May Drastically Reduce The Chances Of Developing Age-Related Brain Disorders

Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are in the genes. However, properties in green tea have been found to reduce the risks of those Specifically, green tea contains catechin compounds that are protective to the brain and this is how it can help ward off those brain degenerative diseases.

5 It Is Good For Your Dental Health

Green tea contains catechins that are also very good for your dental health as it can help fight off bacteria that are lurking around in mouths. Therefore if you have a cup of green tea a day, your dentist will likely be very happy with you because your mouth will be clean – as long as you do your part in keeping your mouth clean as well!

Green tea has so many wonderful benefits but the only thing to do is to not drink it at night before bedtime as it contains caffeine. Even though the concentrations are smaller than in coffee, it is still recommended to drink it during the day. Go and enjoy it!