marriageDivorce rates are unfortunately high, and there are plenty of reasons for that being the case. Many times it is a result of insurmountable stress that has never been managed, lack of communication, or just by simply growing apart. But any marriage can be not only salvageable but can be kept alive, healthy, and happy, unless of course there is abuse or infidelity. However, let’s take a look at the 5 methods that couples can use to keep their marriages happy and healthy.

1. Be Your Spouse’s Best Friend – You would be open and honest with your best friend and learn how to be patient and tolerant with any habits that they have that you don’t care for. If you have the same perspective about your spouse, that will certainly help your marriage a lot. Instead of seeing your partner as just someone who you are married to, see your forever mate as your best friend! That will make so much of a difference.

2. Be On The Same Page With Your Spouse About Money Spending Habits – If you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to how you spend money, then you will have very few if any financial disagreements. The problems arise when one spouse is spending money on frivolous items whereas the other is more frugal and does not approve of it. That leads to resentments on both sides which is a relationship killer!

3. Share Household Chores And Child-Rearing Responsibilities Equally – If you and your spouse are going the equal amount of work when it comes to household chores and child-rearing, then there will be no disagreements or resentments. And, if the mom is a SAHM, she will need to understand that she will be the one that is mostly responsible for the housework and childcare. However, that also means that after dad comes home from work and rests, he must take over or pitch in a lot.

4. Be Appreciative Of One Another – You do not have to shower your spouse with gifts all the time, and your spouse will not likely want that or expect that. However, never forget to thank your spouse for anything they do for you especially if they made sacrifices of their own to do it. And, your spouse will need to do the same as well. If either of you feels like you are being taken for granted, that will hurt your marriage.

5. Always Keep The Intimacy Alive – This part of the marriage is extremely crucial, more than what many people may realize. If you do not spend at least once a week being intimate with your spouse, then you will only see them as being a roommate. If you find yourself getting bored or if you are tired from having to deal with day to day hectic times, then look into ways to spice things up in the bedroom! It is highly important to keep the sparks up.

As it was said, unless there is abuse or infidelity in the marriage, there is never a reason to not make your marriage work! Even if you feel yourself growing away from your spouse, there are things you can always do to make things alive again so you can stay happily married.