Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, people are losing their jobs and have been laid off due to not being essential workers. Sure, once this passes they will get their jobs back. However, what can they do in the meantime? And perhaps, maybe some of them will not if they end up getting into a career or job that they can do from home that is recession-proof.

When you hear of recession-proof jobs, you are thinking of medical staff at clinics, teachers, those working in the funerary business, or utility workers. But those careers you can not do from home. The focus is on the careers that you can do from home. Let’s go look at 5 recession-proof jobs that you can do from home.

1. Consulting

What are you skilled at and what is your passion? Chances are you are needed and you can make a lot of money through consulting. Are you good at organizing and decluttering? You could be a coach that specializes in that. The money will not be instantaneous as you will have to invest in some marketing to get your services out and a website. However, clients will come to you as they will always need help with something you can offer.

2. Freelancing

Freelancers are always going to be needed. And you can offer services in writing, social media management, SEO, web design and development, graphic design, editing, and so on. You can open up accounts at Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer in order to start getting your services out there.

3. Transcription

Transcriptionists are always needed. And if you want to go into medical or legal transcription, you will need to go through training and to obtain a certificate. However, if you are not looking to do any of that and want to be a general transcriptionist, then you can find work from sites such as You will need to go through tests in order to meet their requirements after applying.

4. Teaching And Tutoring

Teachers and tutors are needed online. For instance, companies such as need teachers to teach ESL to kids in China However, you do need to have a Bachelor’s degree, and better yet, teaching background or experience with kids. Aside from that, again, if you have a skill that you want to teach others, that is different and you can create your own courses on platforms such as Udemy or Teachable.

5. Remote Chat Agents

There are plenty of companies such as Amazon or American Express that need chat support workers from home. What you can do is look at sites such as Rat Race Rebellion to learn more about these jobs if this interests you. If you are not up to starting a business then this is an option for you. But you will need to work in shifts.

Do you know of other recession-proof jobs you can do from home? If so, please share!