As cannabis (AKA marijuana) is increasingly recognized as a legitimate and legal way to resolve a number of different issues, you might find yourself wondering how it can benefit you (outside of the possibility of a good “buzz”). You may have even heard that cannabis has many health benefits. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of people who are helping to legitimize this miracle herb, there is still somewhat of a stigma attached to its use.

What people don’t often understand is that cannabis by itself is not what causes you to become high, but the THC component. And CBD oil, which is one of the forms of cannabis used for medicinal purposes, has only very low concentrations of THC – which is why it does not cause you to become high.

5 Shocking Ways Cannabis Consumption Can Benefit You

Let’s now talk about 5 of the medicinal uses of marijuana and why it would be helpful to you.

1. Helps With Anxiety And Depression

If you have anxiety and/or depression, marijuana can help keep your moods calmer and elevated. That is because the endocannabinoid compounds are known to help with mood stabilization and help bring out the important chemicals in the brain which is serotonin and dopamine to a good level. It may be difficult to also understand how cannabis can help with anxiety as it is known to increase it. However, if taken in the right dosages, it helps. It can also help with PTSD.

2. Helps With Chronic Pain

There are plenty of chemical compounds in marijuana. and they include endocannabinoids. It has been found that endocannabinoids are known to help when it comes to providing relief for chronic pain whether it is from arthritis or fibromyalgia. Life is difficult when you are in pain all of the time and some marijuana can help make life more tolerable for this reason.

3. Good For Nausea

Nausea is one of the worst feelings that anyone can experience. And that is why endocannabinoids also help settle down your stomach and can help lessen nausea even if it doesn’t banish it completely. This is one of the reasons that many cancer patients that are on chemotherapy take cannabis as it helps to relieve both pain and nausea.

4. A Good Weight Loss Aid

Despite popular assumption, people who take the CBD form of cannabis on a regular basis are rarely overweight and that is the endocannabinoids help when it comes to insulin regulation. And it helps with that and therefore it can perfectly manage caloric intake. Therefore, cannabis can also help you eat less as it can curve your appetite and increase your metabolism. You may be wondering once again how cannabis users talk about getting munchies. That is once again tied to the THC component, not the CBD itself.

5. Slows Alzheimer’s Disease Development

Alzheimer’s disease is caused by your brain degenerating due to aging. Even though nothing can stop it per se, cannabis can slow it down. It is possible that you may escape it altogether. Especially if there are no links to Alzheimer’s or dementia in your genetics. However, the endocannabinoids are known to have properties that can fight the inflammation of the brain which is responsible for Alzheimer’s disease which is how it can slow it down if it does not prevent it.

There are other great health benefits that come with cannabis, so it is worthwhile seeing a doctor that specializes in cannabis and start looking into this alternative treatment if it is legal in your area.