One of the best ways to catch a Shine Buzz is to laugh! In that spirit, we present this selection of jokes submitted by friends of Shine.Buzz. Want to submit yours? Just send it to us by clicking here.

And without further ado, here are today’s jokes!

Q. What is brown and sticky?
A. A stick.

Submitted by Zoe Viveca Sumner

Q. What do you call a snowman in the spring?
A. A puddle.

Submitted by Andrea Haase Buckley

👨: Your favorite color is yellow, right?
🙎: Yes, how did you know?
👨: I can tell by looking at your teeth.

Submitted by Mphos TI Mpati Phozes

Q. What was Noah’s profession?
A. He was an Ark-itect.

Submitted by Robin Watton

Q. Where does Will Smith go when it snows?
A. Just follow his fresh prints

Submitted by Robert Minnis