“If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” ~Rita Mae Brown

Do you have that one cleaning job around the house that you keep putting off because you just can’t get into the mind frame to do it? Do you have bills to pay but you don’t feel like doing it right now? Do you have to complete a task but you just are not in the mood? It is easy to not want to get to anything that you have to tackle that is less than pleasant. However, you do know these things will not get done by themselves. And procrastination at the end will only hurt you.

The good news is that there are 5 simple ways that you can help yourself from getting the unpleasant tasks done right away which means procrastination will no longer be a problem:

5 Simple Ways To Stop Procrastinating

1. Set Simple Goals That Are Achievable

One of the reasons that people tend to procrastinate is because they tend to set goals that may be too daunting. For instance, if you had planned to clean the entire house in one day, that right there is no wonder you have been putting it off. That is not achievable because you have other things to tackle. Why not stick to one room at a time, and clean the entire house over a week but hold yourself accountable for doing that.

2. Create A Schedule

If you create a schedule ahead of time which will include the tasks that you do not want to go but you know they have to be done, then this will help you get into the mindset of doing the task. This means if you had set in your schedule that by 2 pm on a certain day that the bathroom must be cleaned, well, that is what you need to do. And since it is in the schedule, as much as you don’t want to do this task, you will do it anyway and be happy that you got it over and done with.

3. Get Organized

One of the reasons that people procrastinate as well is because they have too many tasks to do to the point it is overwhelming them. They have no idea where and how to start. The best thing to do is to get organized by weighing the priority of which tasks need to be done first, and then getting those tackled right away. The ones that are not a priority don’t need to be done right away. However, set it in the schedule when to do them – or to delegate them if you can.

4. Incentives Help

If you really are dreading a certain chore or task that you know has to be complete, then you can always create a reward system for yourself. You don’t want to make the rewards too expensive and you will need to be realistic about what type of rewards are motivating for you. For instance, if you want a new scarf to add to your collection, then use that as an incentive after cleaning the bathroom and paying those bills in one day!

Do you have any tips to offer to help end procrastination? If so please share!