People are going stir crazy due to the quarantine. And people are simply unhappy because of not knowing when things will go back to normal. Not to minimize how they are feeling, but there are times like this that people need to sit back and be reminded of the things that really do make anyone happy – despite their circumstances. Let’s go over 5 of those things right now so that the situation can feel lighter for you.

1. Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

If you sleep well, you will feel much better mentally and physically. Therefore you will be happier. Be sure you are getting enough rest. It is ideal to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. However, those who have small children or those who are caring for anyone vulnerable will not be able to get the recommended sleep per night. Therefore, it is important to take naps to make up for that.

2. Your Pet

If you have a dog or a cat, you can get a lot of joy by petting them and spending time with them. They are meant to help reduce stress and they also need your company as well. Especially dogs.

3. Be Sure To Spend Time Outside

Just because you are in quarantine unless you have the virus, it does not mean you have to be locked up in your home 24/7. Go spend some time in your backyard, or on your porch. You can even go for a walk around your neighborhood as long as you stay away from others right now at least 6 feet. If you have a dog, your dog needs a walk anyway. Being outdoors and spending time in nature will help elevate your mood.

4. Listen To Some Music

Music is great for you as it raises dopamine levels which is the happy chemical. If you are feeling down, you can always go on YouTube for free to listen to your favorite songs. You will feel better after.

5. Do Some Baking

Do you have ingredients for baking a cake or a dessert? You can quickly run to the grocery store and get some of those ingredients. Why not go and bake a cake or dessert with your kids and enjoy it. It is always a nice experience to do that.

Those are just some ideas of things that will make you happy. And you will want to take advantage of it during this time which is stressful – and once this ends, keep doing it anyway to remind you that you need to lean on the simple things to make you happy.