When you need to raise your vibration in a hurry, what can you do? How can you quickly shift your mood and your energy so you can stay on the path that leads to your ideal life? Start here.

5 ways to raise your vibration quickly

1. Watch A Funny Movie

A quick way to raise your vibration is by laughing and being so amused that you won’t be in that negative mindset anymore. Watch a slapstick comedy if that is the kind of thing that really amuses you. You can also read a funny book or listen to a funny podcast. Go and get laughing.

2. Dance It Out!

Exercise helps raise your vibration, but if you go and dance to fast-paced music, that will also get your vibration higher. And it will raise your vibration quickly. So you won’t even care once you are done with your dancing that you had been down from the incident you experienced.

3. Get Creative

Once you allow your right brain to take over and get creative, your focus will be on the creative outlet you have. You can sculpt, paint, write, or do anything. Even if your creation seems a little dark, you are still raising your vibration by doing something creative.

4. Spend Time In Nature

If the weather permits, go and spend some time outdoors. If you live near a park, go to the park, and you will find that your mood quickly lifts as you spend time in nature. Take it all in and have a forest bath, which helps you remove the toxic energy you have surrounded by natural settings. You will feel much better after.

5. Aromatherapy With Essential Oils

You will find that if you put some essential oils such as cinnamon, peppermint, or jasmine into a diffuser (just a few drops in water), then the aromas will quickly change your mood for the better. You can even turn on the diffuser as you do your creative activity.

Bottom Line: if you quickly get into a downward spiral after one negative incident, you will want to raise your vibration as soon as possible. And with these 5 methods, you can do it quickly. You deserve to be happy.

What are some other ways you can raise your vibration? Let me know in the comments section!