The worst part of cutting your caloric intake if you are aiming to shed some pounds is being left hungry not long after the fact. The same can even happen at times if you are eating the right amount of calories for your daily intake for maintenance. You don’t want to go over your limit but at the same time, you are hungry. That is not a nice feeling.

But there is good news. There are 5 delicious foods that are low calorie but are quite filling. Let’s go over those right now.

1. Apricots

Apricots are very low in calories and are full of so many important nutrients as well as fiber to keep you full. They have about 30 to 40 calories apiece. They have a lot of vitamin A, and they are again full of fiber which is what keeps you full. They are also really good and tasty.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is delicious when it is grilled with a drizzle of olive oil and some spices. Asparagus has about only 27 calories and it is high in folate as well as Vitamin K which is important for blood clotting if you have gotten a cut. Again it is also high in fiber which is why it is filling as well.

3. Broth

The broth is filling even if it is in the short term, but you can have more if you like it if you get hungry again. Your bladder may be kept busy though. It does not matter if the broth is vegetable, beef, or chicken. one cup of broth contains less than 15 calories give or take. It has been said that broth is also full of excellent and important nutrients and properties to help keep you healthy and strong.

4. Clementines

Clementines are small oranges and they are about 35 calories each, and they are high in vitamin C which will keep your immune system strong. These fruits also have plenty of fiber that will keep you full.

5. White Mushrooms

If you like white mushrooms, you can eat plenty of them as they only contain 15 calories for a cup. They have some nutrients and more than anything they are good fillers for you if you find yourself getting hungry again.

Those foods that were listed are less than 50 calories and they are filling. There is absolutely no reason at all to go hungry if you stick to those foods. If you do, you will maintain your weight or lose weight, depending on what you plan to do with your own needs.