Let’s talk about Enneagram Type 3, The Achiever or The Performer. If you have the Enneagram Type 3 personality, you’ll be highly competitive in all aspects of life. The Achiever is known for doing and being the best in whatever they choose to do – and yes, that includes relationships. But like anyone else, you have certain expectations and qualities you’re looking for in an ideal mate.

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What does Enneagram Type 3 – the Achiever – look for in a relationship? 

Practicality Matters

The Achiever is practical as they know what their priorities are, very organized and concise. If your partner is not organized and does not do things in a practical manner, you may quickly lose interest. Being bad with financial decisions and future endeavors will turn off the achiever.

Ambition Is Important

The Achiever is ambitious, there are no two ways about it.  If you are ambitious and want to meet your goals through hard and smart work, you will want to have a partner who shares the same values and goals. Having a shared goal with your partner can make any challenging task, much simpler.

A Vivacious Personality

You are charming if you have the Enneagram Type 3 personality type. That also means you want your partner to have a vivacious personality too. If your partner’s personality is on the bland side, you will not have a reason to stick with them. An engaging personality will win every time.

Someone Sociable

You are an extrovert, a social butterfly. You may want to find a partner to indulge in the social life with you. Someone to spread your butterfly wings with, who will be happy to meet and interact with your friends and family. Being around others makes you happy, and your partner should be supportive and encouraging towards you. Someone who refuses to engage may not be the best fit for your personality type.

Someone Who Has Healthy Habits

Healthy eating habits, hygiene, and being active are vital to you. You want to take care of yourself inside and out. Finding a partner who takes their health seriously can make a strong relationship. One where you work together towards a brighter healthier, future. Someone who lacks personal health goals and who might be on the lazy side may not be the ideal match.

When you study the Enneagram, you learn about yourself and others, which is why it is a great tool to use when you are looking to find the ideal mate!