The Enneagram is a great tool to help you understand your likes, dislikes, and preferences. Some people are realists, some tend to be on the pessimistic side, and then there are optimists, which describes Type 7 or The Enthusiast.

Are you The Enthusiast? If so, you would always look at the glass half-full, as well as have a love for traveling and adventure. What do you want to have in a relationship? Let’s find out the five things that The Enthusiast looks for in a partner.

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What does Enneagram Type 7 – The Enthusiast – Want in a Relationship?

Someone Who Stays Positive

Face it! If you are The Enthusiast, you are optimistic, you want to be with a partner who looks on the bright side as well. However, you can understand a realist that also expresses cautious optimism. They can sometimes help you stay more grounded and level-headed. However, if the partner is always a pessimist, you may want to look elsewhere.

Someone Who Wants To Try New Things

It would help if you had a partner who shares the same enthusiasm as you do when trying new things. You would prefer trying new restaurants, traveling, and generally exploring together. You may not do well with a partner who wants to stick to the norm or shuns the idea of trying anything new.

Someone Who Likes to Socialize

You are sociable and like to see your friends often. You have a great time making wonderful memories with your friends, and you want those same friendships and memories for your partner. You don’t want to find yourself stuck with a partner who refuses to get along or at least be willing to try. A partner with an extroverted personality would blend well with your socially active lifestyle.

Someone Who Does Not Sweat The Small Stuff

You don’t cry over spilled milk or make mountains out of molehills. Minor problems are not worth losing your cool, life is short and you like to enjoy every minute of it. You may not want a partner who freaks out over insignificant things. Having a partner who does can cause a serious lack of interest on your part.

Someone Who Keeps You Stimulated

Constant stimulation is necessary from emotional to physical. The Enthusiast loves to be intrigued and is known for even keeping themselves on their toes. You’re looking for a partner who entices the side of you that needs stimulation.

That is why the Enneagram is a great tool to learn, as it teaches so much about yourself and others. That way, you know what you want in a relationship.