That time is coming up again when all forms of communication, thinking, travel, and transportation will be going haywire. Power outages, missed mail, email and texts not delivered, and misunderstandings are what happens during this time. That is because of Mercury, the planet that rules all of that will be going in retrograde from February 17 to March 10 in Pisces and will make its way back to Aquarius.

Whenever a planet is in retrograde it appears to be going backward in the zodiac and that is when the planetary energies are weaker during the time. You will feel them internally instead of externally. There are things that should not be done during Mercury in retrograde unless you have no other option. Let’s go over 5 things not to voluntarily do when the planet of communication and travel is going backward.

1. Don’t Start New Projects

Whether you plan to start a new work project, creative leisure project, or DIY home renovation project, it is best to hold off until after March 10. Thought processes are not working up to par and things will inevitably break down and will need to be redone. That will show up after the planet goes direct, and therefore, it is best to wait until then to carry on with it.

2. Don’t Make Big Purchases

Are you thinking of buying a new home, a new car, or a boat for the summer? This is a time when problems will arise with large deals and purchases and again it is best to wait until after the planet goes direct. For instance, if you are buying a new home, an inspection scheduled during the time of the retrograde may not pick up the problems and then that will be apparent after moving into the home when unforeseen problems show up.

3. Don’t Sign Contracts

This goes along with the territory of making big deals since contracts need to be signed, but this also applies to make contracts in other instances such as the lawn maintenance worker, cable company or starting a large project for a new client. Things have a high chance of going wrong when any of that is done. It is again best to wait until it is over.

4. Making Big Decisions

If you are making life-changing decisions, then you must be prepared that you will need to make major adjustments with it after the planet goes direct again. That means if you plan to make a lifestyle change, it will be hard to keep up with it during this time and it will need big changes after March 10. All major decisions should wait.

5. Scheduling Voluntary Procedures

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict the need for emergency surgery. However, when it comes to voluntary procedures such as taking the wisdom teeth out, it is best to wait until the retrograde is over. Thought processes are not strong right now and it is really best to wait.

Mercury in retrograde can be quite frustrating for people but all you have to do is hang tight and it will not be forever.