When you learn about the Enneagram, the nine-pointed model that depicts nine different personality types, you will not only learn about yourself but about others. Maybe you’re looking for information about your partner and what they’re looking for in a relationship.

For example, if you suspect your partner fits the Enneagram Type 1 or The Reformer, then the Enneagram could teach you that they expect some order in their relationship.

The Type 1 Enneagram is also known as The Perfectionist. They are known for following the rules, being highly organized, and giving everything an order. These five things may be expected by The Reformer in a relationship.

What does Enneagram Type 1 – The Reformer – look for in a relationship?

Someone Who Has Self-Discipline And Control

Self discipline and control are significant traits that can make or break the relationship with The Reformer. This can become problematic if you are the type that does not clean up, keep organized, or have structure. The Reformer is incredibly self-disciplined and will expect their partner to be the same.

Someone With Integrity

Regardless of your friendship status The Reformer’s ethics and integrity will keep any secrets you may have previously shared. Going for someone with the ethics and integrity equivalent to their own can ensure shared values and goals. heavy gossiping and questionable ethics, will likely repeal those who have this Enneagram type.

Someone Who Keeps Everything Clean and Tidy

The Reformer loves a clean space to function in. Seeing clutter, crowded spaces can become a obstacle not easily seen past. Having a partner who appreciates the flow or general cleanliness of personal spaces can help bring you closer as a couple. Everything has its own spot and The Reformer acknowledges that. Dirty clothes, dishes and general laziness will not be appreciated.

Someone Who Is Never Late

The Reformer is always on time, clear and concise. So, it makes sense that they expect the same clarity from people in relationships. In case of an unexpected delay, remember to communicate with the reformer and be clear of your intentions.  Half attempts, excuses, and vague communication are huge turn offs.

Someone Who Keeps Their Priorities Straight

Priorities should have a hierarchy, and the Reformer expects them to be dealt with accordingly. From business to interpersonal relationships, there is a rigid order in their lives. Putting the Reformer on the back burner can often result in a complete lack of interest. Still, if an emergency comes up when you’re planning to spend time with the Reformer, they’ll understand. In fact, they would probably insist that you did go.

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