You can learn a lot about yourself and others through the Enneagram if you give it a chance. For example, you can find out what people look for in relationships if you know their Enneagram type. Do you know yours? Find out with our free Enneagram test, right here.

What does Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper – Expect in a Relationship? 

Now, let’s talk about Enneagram Type 2 and what they expect to have in a relationship. Known as The Helper, very nurturing and will make great sacrifices to be there for their loved ones. What do they look for in a relationship? Let’s go over five things that they expect:

They Want You to Enjoy a Little Pampering

The Helper wants to pamper you, they enjoy seeing the outcome of their hard work. Especially within a relationship, they are quick to hand out affection. From a cup of coffee to dinner with a movie, the helper truly enjoys pampering their loved ones.

They Want You to Enjoy Their Cooking

The Helper will feed you and possibly overfeed you as they make many delicious meals. They are all about comfort and will cook you up some of the most delectable comfort foods. The Helper puts love into everything they do, including cooking but surely not limited to it.

They Want You To Talk To Them If Something Is Bothering You

The Helper is one of the best listeners around, which is why they want you to talk to them if something is upsetting you. They want to be there for you to help you in any way possible. What can they do to help? They may not have magical solutions, but a friendly ear can go a long way.

They Want You to Be Kind When You Need  To Give Them Constructive Feedback

Those who have the Enneagram Type 2 personality are very sensitive by nature and do not take criticism well. Constructive criticism is great for character development, but the way you approach them makes all the difference. Remember to be caring and not accusatory. A heart as sensitive as the helper’s can unintentionally be hurt.  Let them know you appreciate their efforts, before talking about the issue at hand. Reassurance can go a long way.

They Want You to Appreciate Them

Enneagram type 2 wants to be there for you, but they cannot stand the idea of being taken for granted. If they feel you are taking them for granted, they may become distant and begin pushing you away. The helper wants to be appreciated, just as much as they appreciate others in their lives.

The Enneagram is a great tool to learn about yourself and others, which is why it will help improve relationships.