When you think about the Enneagram, you have to think about the different ways you can use it to understand yourself and the people in your life. Today, let’s talk about Enneagram Type 4, The Romantic, or The Individualist. The Individualist is sensitive, emotional, artsy, unique, and does not like to conform. Does this describe you? Let’s talk about what you would, as the Enneagram type 4, look for in a relationship.

What does Enneagram Type 4 – the Individualist – Look for in a Relationship? 

Someone Who Takes Your Emotions Seriously

Emotions are like heartstrings, easily broken and very sensitive. Most of us care about the emotional well-being of people in our lives. This quality is something The Individualist looks for. Avoid a partner who is quick to dismiss your feelings.

Someone Who Is In Tune With You

Since emotions mean a lot to you, you don’t only want your partner to take your emotions seriously. You want your partner to understand their emotions as well. If something happens to them, whether it is positive or negative, you will want them to try to understand and be in tune with their own emotions.

Someone Who Has An Appreciation For The Arts

You find art in everything, even in things others may overlook. Having a partner who can appreciate the arts such as music, literature, drawing, dancing, and anything else that inspires them can be the ideal situation for you.  Creativity will be highly sought after in a partner. Someone who mocks art and belittles creativity, without regard to your feelings would stomp out any fire felt between you.

Someone Who Embraces Their Weird Side

As someone who’s unique and who doesn’t conform, you’ll be on the hunt for a partner who is just as eccentric. As an Individualist, you’re into embracing your weirdness – and you want your partner to do the same. You don’t care how they express it, as long as they do. You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is a carbon copy of everyone else in society. You want something different and exciting.

Someone Who Has A Spiritual Side

If you are The Individualist, you will have a spiritual side to you, which means you may believe in reincarnation. You might also be into astrology, read tarot, or at the very least, know that there is more to life than what we see. You will expect your partner to have similar views or be open to these new views. A closed-minded person would not match well with your spiritual side.

The other thing about the Enneagram type 4 is that they are more introverted than the other types, however, a partner being an extrovert is not a dealbreaker to them.