Who is the perfect partner for a relationship with you? If you’re someone who identifies as The Observer, or the Enneagram Type 5, you’ve come to the right place to find out. If you have ever studied the Enneagram, you likely discovered your Enneagram personality type – but just in case you haven’t, you can take our Enneagram test, right here (it’s free!). The purpose of the Enneagram is to help you understand your personality, but it can also enable you to develop compassion for yourself and others.

What Does The Observer – Enneagram Type 5 – Look for in a Relationship?

The Observer is a true intellectual who is rarely trying to be the center of attention. Introverted by nature, they tend to spend more time observing their surroundings. Known for doing their own research, they can make great friends and partners.

Let’s now talk about the five things you may look for in a relationship if you have this Enneagram type.

Intellectual Stimulation

As someone who falls into this Enneagram type, you crave intellectual stimulation. This means you would expect your partner to be able to converse about intelligent matters. You are not the type for meaningless conversation. You want to talk about the latest scientific breakthroughs or the economy. As long as it keeps your brain stimulated and engaged, this relationship may be right for you.

Problem-Solving Skills

You are a problem-solver by nature. Therefore, you would expect the same in a partner. Finding a partner willing to compromise and problem solve is a great trait.

A Home-Body

You like to keep your distance from the action, so you may want your partner to be similar. You’re not big on parties, except for small gatherings with close friends and family. You may prefer your partner to be on the same page. Otherwise, your partner may want to attend parties often, which can lead to conflicting goals.

Alone Time

You know how it is, right? Some days you just need a little alone time, and your partner should understand this. Someone who is clingy and needs constant attention may not be the best fit. You need your space, and you may want a partner who appreciates theirs as well.

Boundaries and Privacy

Having personal boundaries is important, and for type 5, you require a partner who respects yours. That means that if you tell your partner that “something happened” but you’re not ready to spill the details, they’d have to be okay with it. If you were to catch your partner trying to snoop behind your back, this could cause extreme trust issues and be detrimental to the relationship. Find a partner who fairly respects your privacy.

When it comes to learning the Enneagram, you will learn about your likes, dislikes, preferences, which also spills into what your ideal relationship looks like.