What are you looking for in a romantic relationship? If you are the cynical type that has a harder time trusting people, you may be the Enneagram Type 6 – also known as the Loyalist, or The Loyal Cynic.

If you’re a Loyalist, you prefer to stick to routines and comfort zones. Familiarity feels good to you, so once you decide to trust someone, you are likely to be loyal for life.

What does Enneagram Type 6 – the Loyal Cynic – look for in relationships?

Let’s go over five things they may look for in a partner.


The Loyal Cynic prefers not to rush into a relationship. If you are this type, you may slowly warm up to your partner. Being rushed could scare you off. However, it’s important to remember that it can be worth you stepping out of your comfort zone in moderation.

Family & Friends Focus

Your friends and family are a priority to you, and you should make that clear to your partner early on. If an emergency comes up with them and you have to cancel your date due to it, your partner should be willing to compromise. However, once your relationship reaches a certain threshold, remember that your partner has a right to be at the top of your priority list – up to a point.

Respect for the Hustle

You take your work seriously, and if needed you will cancel a date to work overtime. You may also want to date someone who takes their work seriously and who respects your dedication to your work. This is a clear sign that they are committed and willing to compromise.

Open-Minded Empathy

The Loyal Cynic is open to learning about others’ perspectives, including their partners. Having empathy for your partner’s perspective is a great way to learn about their point of view. Being able to agree to disagree while showing empathy, also can open up new doors for you and your partner.

Warranted Trust

As the Loyal Cynic, the most important thing is knowing you can trust your partner. Expecting honesty, you’re quick to investigate warranted suspicious behavior. Lies are a deal-breaker, and they need to know that upfront.

Be aware that an overly suspicious nature can be a put-off for your partner, so do your best to balance your suspicions with the reality of the situation.

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