Mercury just went direct last night (March 9th), and since February 16th, it was in retrograde causing many common mishaps. Mishaps that involve transportation, communication, electronics, vehicles, and travel. It is always a frustrating time. However, it is time to focus on tying loose ends. It is a time for planning.

Now that it just went direct, the energies will still be somewhat difficult for a good week. That is until Mercury reaches its station. That is the area of the zodiac where it was when it went into retrograde. After it reaches that point, then the energies from the retrograde will be over.

However, because Mercury just went direct, there are things that you must do. Let’s go over 5 of those things now.

1. Be Patient

Because you will still be dealing with the frustrations with missed messages, power outages, appliances breaking down, and so on – just keep your cool. The kinks are working themselves out and this happens after each time the planet goes direct after being in retrograde.

2. Start New Things Slowly

During the retrograde, it was best to not start anything new unless it just had to be done. An example is having to purchase a new computer because the old one broke down (this type of thing happens all of the time). And now that it is direct, you can begin new projects and make new purchases. However, be sure to really put thought into whatever you are about to start and expect to do a lot of tweaking.

3. Be Prepared To Fix Anything You Had Started During The Retrograde

Even though you were told to put new projects on hold, you may have decided to start something new anyway. After Mercury goes direct, you will find that issues will arise with anything you had started while Mercury was in retrograde. For instance, if you started to write a new novel, you will now find that you don’t feel that the plotline is right. You will be making a lot of edits. This is why it was best to brainstorm ideas for the novel before actually starting it. This now brings it to the next point.

4. Review Any Ideas That You Brainstormed During The Retrograde

If you had brainstormed ideas for a new project, then this is the time to start reviewing what you had written down. And you will see which ideas are the best ones to utilize. The same goes for any large purchases you are planning to make. The retrograde was the time to write down every pros and cons of choices of cars or large appliances. Now is the time to review and narrow down which one to purchase.

5. Keep Cleaning Up

The urge to clean up and tie loose ends will still be strong. Keep doing it while you begin taking action on what you had planned to do very slowly and carefully. Mercury will now be direct until June 18th.