The COVID-19 virus just appeared out of the blue, and it is so infectious that people are ordered to stay quarantined in their homes even if they are free of symptoms. The only exceptions are that they do their necessity shopping such as going for groceries or pharmaceuticals. Public places and restaurants are closed, and schools are closed as a result. And if you’re anything like us, being stuck at home means you can easily go stir crazy.

Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball that can tell you when normalcy will resume. So the best thing to do while being stuck at home is to stay busy – if you want to maintain your sanity, anyway. How can you do that? Especially if you have kids? That is easy. There are 5 things you can easily do to stay occupied, and you can even get your kids involved!

1. Arts And Crafts

You are never too old for arts and crafts. Why not tap into your creative side and create some masterpieces with paint, markers, construction paper, and if you have a canvas, all the better! You can also order supplies from Amazon as they are still operating and shipping if you don’t have any. Make sure you have enough supplies for your kids too. This will keep them occupied.

2. Read Some Good Books

When was the last time you picked up a good book to read? Probably not for a while due to having a full schedule. Go through your old books and grab the one that you are the most compelled to read. If not, you can always go hunting on Amazon for a good book to read. Encourage your kids to read as well as books are only good for their minds.

3. Turn Off The News And Turn On An Entertaining Movie

It is important to stay informed of what is going on in your area as far as the virus is concerned. However, keep the news to a minimum otherwise as it will only make you even more depressed. You need to be around something that is uplifting. Go watch a funny movie, or listen to some fun music. Or watch some good YouTube videos! Have a movie night with your kids in the den and pop some popcorn and enjoy it.

4. Learn Something New

The great thing is that if you want to take a course to learn something brand new, you can find plenty of them online. There are so many online courses covering nearly anything you could possibly want to learn. If you have a skill that you want to just enhance, or if you want to learn a new skill or a new hobby, this is a great time to do it. Check out the free and low-cost courses available at Life Makeover Academy.

5. Organize Your Home

You have plenty of time since you are home, and there is no better time to get your place organized. Remove what you don’t need and put away the items you do need somewhere that is easily accessible. Decluttering can be very therapeutic, too! Bonus.

Remember, this will not last forever. But since this is the situation now, make the most of it and make it productive! Stay safe.