Mercury, the planet that rules all forms of communication and transportation goes into retrograde from February 17 to March 10. This is when the planet appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. And this is the time when anything in regards to communication, thought processes, electricity, traveling, and transportation can go haywire which are major components of our daily life. It is no wonder the time brings up a lot of frustration in people.

Even though it is not recommended to start new projects, make new deals and purchases, or make big decisions, there are important things to do and to focus on during the retrograde. Let’s look at 5 things to do when Mercury is in retrograde:

1. Declutter And Organize

This is the time to be doing some big cleaning up, and you will want to remove items from your closet or from your rooms that may not have any use to you anymore. In fact, you will be able to determine which items you need, which you do not that you can donate, and which items that are not of use to anyone that will be junked. You will want to do a deep cleaning in your home and office. It is a good idea to hire a maid service for a day so a major cleaning can be done.

2. Finish Up Old Projects

Anything new has to be put on hold right now as it is not a good time to start anything new. However, that old novel that you were writing that you had put aside to concentrate on something else will need to be finished, and this is a great time to go back to it and finish it up.

3. Brainstorm Ideas

If you have a new idea or project in mind, even though it is recommended to wait to start it, you can always brainstorm while you are waiting on how to execute it. Yes, your thought processes are not working as well at this time. However, your creativity and intuition are even stronger and you will have ideas pouring into you as a result. Keep jotting down those ideas. After the planet goes back direct, you can take a look at what you brainstormed and weed out the ideas that you know will not work and stick to those that you feel that will before starting the new thing.

4. Call An Old Friend

This is a time when those from the past will be showing up in your life for one reason or another. And you will think back to an old friend who you had lost touch with. Why not give them a call and catch up on life?

5. Review Things Thoroughly

It is easy to say to hold off on procedures and big purchases. However, sometimes you have no choice but to do either. For instance, if the car breaks down to the point that you need to get a new one, then you can’t really wait. And because of the fact that you will be having to sign contracts and make new deals, you will want to review everything very carefully. Triple-check everything so nothing important is missed. That goes for anything. If you must do new things during this time, review review review!

It will not last forever, so make the most of it by cleaning up your home and tying up loose ends.