If you are interested in someone whose birthday falls between the dates of February 19 to March 20, you’ve got yourself a Pisces. As it happens, we are in Pisces season.

Pisces, the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, is a negative mutable sign. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this area between February 19 and March 20.

5 Things To Know About Dating A Pisces

Let’s now go over the 5 things that you need to know about dating someone who has the double-fish sun sign.

1. They Love Privacy

A Pisces needs to be in a quiet space as being with too many people can overwhelm them quite easily. Therefore, they will want to go on dates somewhere quiet and intimate like at their home or your home, or in a quiet restaurant with an ambient setting, or in the woods if the weather permits it. Somewhere private is what they want and they don’t want crowds.

2. You, Will, Come First, Always

Pisces people are extremely selfless to the point that they can easily forget their own needs. They will care for you no matter what and what you will need to do as a result is to remind them that they have needs as well. They can become quite burned out and if they do, they will be resentful. If you see those signs then go surprise them with a spa day or a day to get away, wherever they wish so they can have their own needs met and no one else’s.

3. How Much Money You Make Is Meaningless

The Pisces trait is the least materialistic one around. That is why they will not care how much money you make or how big your house is, or what kind of car you drive. They will not be impressed by materialistic things. They will care more about whether or not you are a kind person that has a good heart. That is the kind of stuff they are impressed with.

4. They Are Very Romantic

Expect to be wined and dined by a Pisces. They will be into the candlelit dark rooms with roses and chocolates. They will have the champagne available for the intimate time in the bath. You get the idea! True romantics! They will want to treat you like royalty and because this comes from a genuine place, there is no such thing as sickly sweet romance with a Pisces.

5. Creativity And Intuition Are What They Are About

Pisces people are highly intuitive and creative. They will know what you are dealing with without you saying a thing. They may not know what specifically you are dealing with but if you are not being truthful about having a rough time, they will know and will encourage you to talk about it. Additionally, they also love anything that has to do with art as intuition and art go hand in hand.

What do you think might be some great date ideas for the Pisces? If you are a Pisces yourself, why not give us some ideas?