You know that you have to stay quarantined at home right now with the exception of going out for necessities once in a while and going for walks in the neighborhood. You should spend some time outdoors as it is good for your mental and physical health. Some people are stressed at home, especially if they have young kids. And others who have older kids that are independent and don’t have much to do will get bored.

When you are bored, you will become antsy and irritable. You are in the mood to go out to the mall and go shopping, or going to your local Starbucks to sit there and enjoy your coffee. But you can’t right now. Not until the pandemic ends and it will end, but the question is when. There is no way to know. And the more you think about it, the more you will become depressed and anxious. This is why you will need to remember the 5 following things when you are feeling bored at home.

1. Get Busy With Doing Something

There is never a reason to be bored. There are always things you can do. You can clean your home, organize it, learn something new from online, create something, and so on. You can always get your mind off of it and erase boredom by keeping busy.

2. Video Chat With A Friend

Social distancing does not mean cutting people out altogether. You need connections to others and even though you cannot invite them over or go have coffee or lunch with them, you can call them. You can Skype with them. You can see them right in front of you and your computer screen. And it will feel as if they are right there with you. If you are bored, call someone.

3. Remind Yourself That You Are Safe

It may be boring at home (but given the 2 recommendations mentioned above, you don’t need to make it boring), but remember that you are home and safe. Remember as well that when you stay home you are keeping others safe.

4. Remind Yourself That You Have A Home

People often forget that there are plenty of homeless people around that have nowhere safe to go. Some of them may be lucky enough to stay with friends and family. But not everyone is. This is not to invalidate your frustrations for what is happening but it is best to remind yourself every now and then that you are fortunate to have a home.

5. Get Outside

Unless you have tested positive for the virus, there is no reason you cannot sit out on your porch or take a walk on your street. That is as long as you stay 6 feet away from others. The outdoors are good for you and you will feel mentally better after being connected to nature.

The next time you are feeling bored at home, you know now what to do in order to handle and get rid of the boredom. And most of all remember that this will not last indefinitely. It may last longer than we had originally hoped but it will not be forever.